Raunchy Bastards – Bare Teen Jackpot – Zeph

Raunchy Bastards – Bare Teen Jackpot – Zeph


RELEASE DATE:4 October 2022
SIZE: 438 MB


The pandemic sure did put a supply chain crunch on one of my favorite commodities, which is freshly eighteen year old straight boys who are down to fuck. I guess the disincentive to leave the house for two years, coupled with checks in the mail made this rare species disappear almost like the dodo bird. Fortunately, the genus of teenage cum whore isn’t extinct, and I hit the jackpot with this guy, Zeph. Zeph is a bit of a gamer and an experimenter, and he was willing to hop on a plane to meet me. I was surprised he showed up, but when he did, I knew it was going to go well.

The first thing I noticed once I got him out of his clothes was how slim he really is. His cock isn’t that slim, though, and he was at attention the entire session. In fact, he busted a nut at the end. His BJ was good, but not nearly as good as the sensation of working his hole open with my tongue. Damn! It was the kind of pretty pink you only find on teenage virgins, and I couldn’t wait to spoil it. It tasted, well – perfect, too. If only there were more time with him, I would have just eaten him out for a few hours. He seemed to like it, too, which was hot.

It was rough going once I lubed up and began the careful opening up of his tiny little cunt. I began in missionary with him, which is usually failsafe, but I could barely get the head in for a few minutes, and thereafter he seemed uncomfortable. I let him get on top and ride me, which seemed to make him more at ease, but frankly there wasn’t much motion in the ocean going on. However, his instincts were correct, and ever so slowly that pink goodness opened all the way up for my fattie. Once it had, I got him where I wanted him.

I gave him a big bear hug and just started going to town. This was some real fucking now, and boy! – you gotta heat these whimpers and moans! I was diggin ‘it – his hole felt fucking amazing, and I loved totally dominating this slight young man. He had never been treated like this, that is for damn sure. But oddly this straight boy’s cock was at full attention. Maybe not so oddly, he’s 18 after all. But for whatever reason, it turned into one amazing fuck, and I bred him like a fresh new dumpster getting it’s first load. Jackpot, for sure!

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