Modern Day Sins – Lust Triangles – Youre Making A Mistake

Modern Day Sins – Lust Triangles – Youre Making A Mistake


RELEASE DATE:22 May 2022
QUALITY: 1080p


Brock Banks is getting ready to marry Vincent O’Reilly, while Reese Rideout, his straight best man keeps him company. Brock adjusts his cuffs, smooths out his suit and asks Reese if it’s ready for him. Reese gives Brock a gentle pat on the back and assures him that he looks stunning. Despite his support, Reese can’t help but feel conflicted about some thing.
Brock suggests to Reese that he might be in a position to find Reese an attractive girl to marry, but Reese surprises everyone by revealing that he doesn’t like girls. He isn’t interested in Brock, but he is. He believes that Brock is making a mistake and declares his love to him. Brock is shocked to learn that Reese is gay, and that this is not the best time to express his feelings to him. Although Brock admits to being attracted to Reese’s, it’s too late to take action. He’s getting married in a matter of hours. Reese persists, and Brock finally gives up.
They kiss and grope one another. They begin to unbutton their shirts, and they kiss their necks and chests. Their hands then move down to their crotches. Vincent knocks at the door just then. Brock pushes Reese aside and reminds Vincent they are not supposed to see each others before the ceremony. Vincent assures Brock he won’t be coming in and makes sure to stay on the opposite side of the door. Vincent seems anxious, as though something is on his mind. However, he seems to decide it’s not worth bringing up, and excuses himself.
Although it was close, Brock and Reese quickly picked up where they left off and continued to kiss and grope one another. Brock kneels down and gives Reese an obscene blowjob. Then, Reese reciprocates the favor. He is a novice at sucking a dick. However, he’s a natural at it. Brock can’t help but laugh. Reese then takes Brock’s clothes off and slaps him against the bathroom sink. Vincent enters the room when there is a knock at the door. Vincent discovers Reese naked and Brock hides. Vincent is looking for Brock and Reese lies to him that Brock went to the venue to search for a missing piece of clothing. Vincent appears convinced and leaves the room.
Reese and Brock have avoided disaster yet again, but that doesn’t mean they’ve learned anything. Reese takes Brock’s place as doggy style, while Brock is dominated by Reese. Reese gets all sexy with Brock, and he spits on his cheeks. They kiss, completely satisfied, and Brock decides to tell Vincent that he’s going off-site for the wedding.
Brock and Vincent then get up and sit down on the bed for a chat. Brock is surprised to learn that Vincent also wants to postpone the wedding. Brock is relieved, but he won’t confess to what he did to Reese. Vincent is assured by Brock that he will cancel everything. They kiss with a sigh and release. They get hot and bothered and start to make out. After they have had their sex, Vincent puts Vincent in a doggy-style position on his knees, and Brock rims him. Vincent then gets fucked by Brock in doggystyle. Vincent then climbs onto Brock in cowboy and rides Vincent on the bed. Vincent then flips onto Vincent’s back, and Brock puts Vincent on his back in missionary. Vincent jerks off. Both men end the act with a pulsing and throbbing climax that puts this story – and all its errors – to rest.

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