Modern Day Sins – Cum Gluttons – Stud Finder – Killian Knox & Des Irez

Modern Day Sins – Cum Gluttons – Stud Finder – Killian Knox & Des Irez


RELEASE DATE:19 June 2022
QUALITY: 1080p
SIZE: 787 MB


Des Irez has been tasked with keeping an eye on Killian Knox, a contractor working on the family house. Des’ parent isn’t too happy with how long the project’s been taking but can’t stick around that day to oversee the work. Since Des is a teen with nothing else to do, all his parent wants is for Des to make sure the contractor doesn’t get distracted.

But when Killian shows up, it’s immediately obvious that it’s DES who’s going to be distracted. As Killian sets to work, showing off his muscular form, Des can feel himself getting hot… And things only get hotter once Killian catches him staring and asks if Des wants to give him a hand.

Des is flustered as he’s shown how to use a stud finder, which leads to him making an awful pun about KILLIAN being the stud. Des is instantly mortified to have let it slip but, thankfully, Killian is chuffed. In fact, he’s MORE than chuffed as it becomes clear that Des isn’t the only one getting hot.

They soon crash together for lustful kisses and sensual groping, their bodies pressed together. Both of them are eager to taste each other’s cocks for the first time but Des gets an extra surprise when Killian hoists him up to do an aerial 69. Des’ world is literally being turned upside down!

But it doesn’t stop there as Killian continues to use his strength to muscle Des into any juicy position he wants. Des is thrown over his shoulder and anally fingered, pinned against the wall and fucked with his legs wrapped around Killian’s waist…
Well, it looks like this project won’t be wrapping up anytime soon.

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