Masqulin – Heat Wave – Gabriel Clark and Benjamin King

Masqulin – Heat Wave – Gabriel Clark and Benjamin King


RELEASE DATE:14 October 2022
QUALITY: 1080p
SIZE: 1.4 GB


Gabriel Clark is cooking up a storm. He and his roommate Benjamin King are anxiously awaiting their hot double date with TWINS! A hot sex party on the hottest day of the year, the excitement is palpable. But when these studs get hit with an inconvenient triple-whammy of power failure, their dates canceling and the herbal boner pills kicking in, they don’t know what to do!

Stuck with a stiff and throbbing situation, Gabriel hopes a cold shower will give him relief.. while Ben chooses to employ a more hands-on approach to his problem, stroking his big uncut cock in the living room.

Well, it’s not long before Gabriel’s out of the shower and catches Ben red-handed! In this house, bros help bros and a little proposition from Gabriel has Ben considering taking a hard cock up his ass for the first time.

First, he reaches over and strokes his heavy cock before sucking on it, tasting his precum. Gabriel returns the favor, stroking Ben’s stiff cock before face-fucking him. Gabriel licks Ben’s smooth hole, his face crammed between his muscular cheeks. Ben takes a pounding, his toned chest glistening in the afternoon heat before spraying his load all over the apartment couch, and Gabriel glazes Ben’s well-fucked hole.

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