Masonic Boys – Apprentice Devall – Chapter 6 – The Atonement – Cole Blue, Dex Devall, Eddie Patrick, Kyler Drayke and Marco Napoli

Masonic Boys – Apprentice Devall – Chapter 6 – The Atonement – Cole Blue, Dex Devall, Eddie Patrick, Kyler Drayke and Marco Napoli


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Walking into that room was not exactly easy. Most of the ceremonial chambers I’ve visited in the past have been pure white—almost blindingly so. This one was pitch black. The only light came from a few candles which were flickering, casting crazy shadows which seemed to dance in the darkness.

I was shown into the room by a masked man. I’m pretty sure it was someone I knew, but I could barely see him. His scent was somehow familiar, but I couldn’t quite put my finger on where I knew the scent from. Two other masked men were sitting on wooden chairs. In the middle of the space was a long, thin, low bench, covered with a silky black cloth. I didn’t like the look of it. It frightened me. I instinctively knew that something bad was lurking underneath. I stood, paralyzed, not daring to move.

A fourth masked man entered the space carrying a glass bowl filled with liquid. He held it with reverence. It struck me that its contents were sacred in some way. I was desperate to ask questions, but knew I wasn’t allowed to open my mouth without permission. The man holding the bowl told me to drink from it. His voice was familiar but I couldn’t quite place it. I took a deep breath and did as instructed, sipping the liquid. I wasn’t sure what effect it would have on me but it was surprisingly refreshing.

I looked at the men in front of me. If I was supposed to know who they were, they would reveal themselves, right? The Master who’d offered me the drink sat down at the end of the low table. He removed his mask. It was Master Napoli. Of course it was him. Of course that was his voice. My heart immediately started to pound in my chest. Master Napoli is responsible for opening my eyes to this brave new world. I had not seen him since my interview but thought about him every single day. The other seated men then removed their masks. First Master Drayke and then Apprentice Blue.

“Gentlemen,” Master Napoli gestured toward them,“reveal the priesthood stretcher.”

My heart began to pound in my ears. I did not know what a priesthood stretcher was, but I did not like the sound of it. Apprentice Blue and Master Drayke dutifully stood and pulled away the black satin sheet. The long wooden bench underneath was covered with what can only be described as penis-shaped objects of increasing sizes. It immediately became clear to me that I would be sitting down on at least one if not all of them. I must have flushed bright red at the horrifying thought.

Master Napoli gestured at the man to my left and told him to prepare me. At that point, he removed his mask, revealing himself as Master Patrick. The four men in the room were the only four men in the world who knew me carnally. They had all played a role in my instruction to this point and it seemed somehow appropriate and comforting that they were all in this space with me.

Master Patrick moved behind me and started to gently rub my shoulders. Every time he touched me, I felt myself shivering. I looked straight ahead, becoming lost in Apprentice Blue’s deep blue eyes; I wanted, needed his approval. Master Patrick removed my shirt and tie. I felt such an extraordinary desire to kiss him but knew I wasn’t allowed. I realized I was drifting into an erotic trance with every part of me pulsating to his hypnotic touch. He unzipped my slacks and exposed my sacred garments. My dick, hidden underneath, was hard and throbbing.

Master Napoli spoke again, instructing Patrick to bring me to him. Master Napoli remained sitting but reached out and began to fondle me. He pulled my garments down but my penis bounced back, free from the tight-fitting sacred covenant. He began to rub his lips up and down the shaft of my dick. I looked down at Master Drayke who had pulled his cock out of his suit pants and was stroking himself. There was an air of deep sexual tension in the room and I was the focus. It felt good.

Master Napoli told Master Patrick to prepare the first and smallest peg on the bench. I looked across at Apprentice Blue, he was caressing the bulge in his pants, licking his lips while looking at my penis. I liked that he was looking at me and plainly enjoying what he saw. After Master Patrick rubbed oil on the smallest of the pegs I was instructed to sit.

I somehow knew that my task was to straddle the bench and lower myself down onto the peg so that it entered my ass. And I did just that. I slid down pretty easily, but it made me gasp. I looked at Apprentice Blue, whose legs were widening while he unzipped his slacks. I imagined I was lowering myself down onto his dick. Master Patrick encouraged me to slide up and down on it.

Master Patrick was then instructed to prepare the next peg and then the next… and I obediently made my way along the bench, riding each of them. Each was larger in size than the one before and, as a result, the experience grew with intensity. Apprentice Blue lowered his slacks and pulled his 9-inch dick out of its cage. Master Patrick held me in his arms and ran his hand up and down my dick. I wanted to cum but, I knew I wasn’t allowed.

I moved onto the penultimate peg, which was considerably wider than the ones before. It both frightened and excited me at the same time. I sat down slowly, half expecting it to tear me apart. It was almost too much, but I gritted my teeth and continued until it sank all the way into me. Pre-cum began to bubble up on the tip of my dick. Master Patrick scooped it up with his finger and rubbed it on my nipple.

Finally, Master Patrick was instructed to prepare the last peg, which was way too big for me. I knew it just by looking at it. It was bulbous. It was insanely large. I said I couldn’t manage it. Master Napoli told me to proceed. I was terrified. I started to lower myself down onto it but it was no good. It hurt. It really hurt. I had to stop. I had to accept defeat.

Master Napoli told me to stand and turn my back to him. He stood behind me and began to fondle me again. My ass was tingling. My dick was bouncing. Then, he kissed me. His lips tasted like nectar. He bent me over the bench and I turned my head to watch him removing his jacket, shirt and tie, desperate to see his sexy body and to feel it pressed against mine. I held my breath in anticipation. He unbuckled his belt, unzipped his slacks and pushed down his pants. I felt his rock-hard dick through his garments pressing against my ass cheek. I felt a jolt of adrenaline.

He sat down behind me and started to lick my asshole. My hole began to quiver. He rolled his garments down and pushed his giant dick into me. It felt huge. He started to slide it in and out.

He stayed inside of me and moved me to the other side of the bench. Now, facing the others while they jerk themselves off, Master Napoli began to thrust. I kept twisting my head around to see the look on his face, to see his gritted teeth and the pleasure etched into his lips. He was giving me everything he had and I was loving every second. He plowed me harder and harder, grunting and groaning as he got closer and closer to release.

A few deep, heavy groans and his dick literally exploded. His semen gushed into me like a fountain and I felt like a true man.

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