Masonic Boys – APPRENTICE ANDRAM – Second Anointing (with Grandmaster Legrand)

Masonic Boys – APPRENTICE ANDRAM – Second Anointing (with Grandmaster Legrand)


RELEASE DATE:30 September 2022
QUALITY: 1080p


When Apprentice Andram was directed into the sacred chambers—a mystical place of thin curtains and oppressive beauty—he was no longer the uncertain boy that The Order first interviewed so long ago. He had been probed by Master Kemp, ordained by Master Figata, and disciplined thoroughly by Masters Fantana and Cox. Those giant men had passed the tiny boy down the assembly line of their passions, inspecting his progress, and preparing him to meet its most enigmatic and preeminent member—Grandmaster Legrand.

Master Legrand waited in a crisp white suit, alabaster tie, and cream suspenders. Every aspect of the towering man was pure—pure power, pure masculinity, pure certainty. With steely steadiness, he seized the boy in his large roaming hands.

He muttered holy words, and peeled Jack free of his compass-covered shirt. He kneaded his chest and traced calloused fingers across the stomach and crotch. Within a moment, he left Jack trembling, wet with sweat.

Legrand stripped Jack down to just his covenant garments, which strained the boy’s excitement. When Legrand finally fished Jack’s member out of his last cloth, Jack felt himself melt away in Legrand’s arms. It was as if the whole Order itself embraced him, and kept him safe and restrained in its grasp.

The grandmaster led his apprentice to the holy altar, which was covered with a soft red fabric. Other than Jack’s pale body, it was the only source of color in the sacred chambers. His body was laid upon there, and forced to writhe under the well-practiced mouth of Legrand.

The master sampled the flavors of the boy’s taint and member. He made sure every part of Jack’s sensitive anatomy tasted as it should, and responded to The Order’s touch as expected.

Splayed and spread across the altar, the tiny bottom pleaded for the master to take him. And not just to take his hole, or his lust, but to take his soul and lift it up. He wanted Master Legrand to fuck him so thoroughly that it would raise him higher in The Order’s estimation, and rub just a bit of the master’s power onto him.

He wanted to be a vessel upon which The Order itself would insert itself, in any orifice it craved, with any and all meaning that came with it…

And that’s exactly what Master Legrand was there to do—to insert meaning directly into the boy’s innards, with a controlled agony and ecstasy the likes of which can only be obtained through his hips, intergenerational thrusts, and considerable seed.

Master Legrand unzipped his pristine white trousers and fished out his cock. This instrument of The Order’s will was much larger and thicker than the apprentice was prepared to witness. A small drop of precum dripped from the head, and glistened on its surface.

Jack’s eyes were glued to the sight. It was so massive! He found himself in awe of the great, shining thing that stretched out before him. When Master Legrand inched forward, aimed his veiny member, and pressed the head at his entrance, it was a new awakening for the boy. He was spread open like a book. He wasn’t sure if he had even dreamed of seeing such a thing before, much less taking it.

And take it, he did! Jack gasped at the sensation of the Grandmaster’s cock stretching his ring, then bucking inside him like some kind of monstrous animal. Jack’s ass was filled to the brim with dick beyond comprehension.

As Master Legrand slammed into him over, and over, and over again, the illuminated room seemed to pulse in time with the jackhammer at Jack’s prostate. The apprentice became reduced to moans and cries and sensation. No thoughts laid with him, only the strength of the man claiming his hole.

After an eternity of bouncing on the Master’s magnificent phallus, he felt a new warmth spread through him. He was flooded by a great tide of hot cum. It was a torrent that the boy’s hole couldn’t contain. The pleasure of it washed over him like a wave—it was the most glorious feeling of his life.

With Master Legrand’s cock buried deep inside the boy, and his hands holding the boy’s head firmly in place, and his cum smeared and splattered upon the boy’s nether regions, the two kissed. Their mouths sealed together. Jack was addressed to The Order, and now, buried deep within his prostate and mind, he carried their lessons, and a hunger to learn more.

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