Jawked – Stronger Together – Mark Troy, Joaquin Santana

Jawked – Stronger Together – Mark Troy, Joaquin Santana


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There’s something so hot about seeing a gorgeous young stud like Mark Troy working out, his friend Joaquin Santana certainly seems to think so too in this Jawked video.

With just a little handsy attention he’s checking on the swelling bulge in Mark’s shorts. A lot of guys get super horny when they’re working out and this boy is no different.

Joaquin is happy to help out with that too. In moments his shorts are down and that big pink jock cock is proud and throbbing, ready for Joaquin’s mouth to slide down on it. It’s plenty of dick for even the most greedy of boner slurpers to enjoy but this young man makes a meal of it, gagging on the head as it invades his throat.

You can bet Mark is ready for a workout of another kind once he’s had a taste of his pal’s tanned penis. He gets it all wet and glistening before Joaquin’s ass is up for licking, and with a slurp of his pucker Mark is ready to slide his awesome dong in deep.

It’s an incredible bareback fuck the two share. Joaquin rides his friend and takes a buggering on his back before their gym loads are ready to bust. The boy gets his abs coated with cock cream and Mark is quick to splash Joaquin’s handsome face with his seed for a hot finale to their afternoon workout.

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