Jawked – Muscle Massage – Adrian Serdar, Roman Capellini

Jawked – Muscle Massage – Adrian Serdar, Roman Capellini


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Handsome young jock boy Adrian Serdar has done himself a mischief and pulled something in his shoulder, but at least he has Roman Capellini on hand to help him relieve the aches and pains in this Jawked video.

With his vest off and some appropriate lotion applied Roman gets to work on his muscles, and it’s not long before their lips are meeting.

Of course it was predictable that this sporty boy would respond well to some good rubbing of his sexy muscles, but the groping of his uncut jock cock in his pants inspires him even more.

We can probably assume that his aching shoulder is a mere memory by the time the two are trading blow jobs. Roman sucks and slurps on the delicious jock dick presented to him and Adrian is no slouch when it comes to gobbling on the even bigger cock Roman has sprouting from his crotch, but with a little licking of his hole Roman is soon ready to give his friend the best treatment of all.

Athletic young hunk Adrian looks like a true stallion as he pumps that pucker with his raw length from behind, his incredible physique ripped and bulging in all the right places while his steely erection dives in deep.

He’s sporting enough to give Roman a ride in his lap, the boy’s big dong swinging and swaying as he slides up and down on the rampant shaft wedged up his hole.

With the boy on his back and Adrian thrusting up into him with determined pumps he scores again, making Roman spew out his seed all over his tight abs. The sight of his achievement is enough to have Adrian pulling out and heading up to meet the boy’s face, showering him with his jock load and giving his massaging boy a taste of his delicious goo.

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