Jalif Studio – Stan Lacoste and Theo Sartera

Jalif Studio – Stan Lacoste and Theo Sartera


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Stan is addicted to sneakers, and not just to the way they feel on his feet. When a new black-and-white pair arrives, he can’t wait to break them in in his own special way.

He rings up his friend Theo Sartera—a cute, tall twink with a huge uncut cock—to meet him outside in an abandoned building. It’s not the first time Stan’s turned a trick for this Euro stud, and as he gets down on his knees and wraps his lips around Theo’s meat, he prays it won’t be the last.

Theo loves it when Stan calls him up—almost as much as Theo loves slapping him around. Stan gets dick-slapped repeatedly during the face-fuck, and he wouldn’t have it any other way. Much like his new sneakers, he, too, wants to be broken in.

And breaking into Stan’s ass? Theo loves to do that, too. He brings Stan up to a standing position and forces him to hold on to a hollowed-out door frame. He pulls Stan’s pants down, exposing a smooth, pale rump, and begins to fuck and spank it with wild abandon. By the time Theo’s had his fun ramming his big cock into the tiny hole, Stan’s cheeks are red, sore, and split wide open.

Now that Stan has done the job for Theo, it’s Theo’s turn to pay up. The two studs stroke each other off onto Stan’s new shoes, christening the leather with their sleazy seed. Stan is addicted to sneakers. Not just the way they feel on his feet, but the way they feel under his dick, too…

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