Jalif Studio – Leo Helios and Rod Malek

Jalif Studio – Leo Helios and Rod Malek


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A trip through abandoned buildings and forgotten courtyards can be exhilarating at any time of year, but the summer heat has made it difficult for the men to linger outside. Even in the shade of older structures it’s sweltering. The summer afternoon heat threatened to ruin their rendezvous, but when Leo Helios found his friend, Rod Malek, leaning against a crumbling concrete wall, he quickly found a way to salvage their trip.

Leo pressed his body up against Rod’s and pushed him upright against the graffitied wall. With a few simple words, the euro stud opens Rod’s mouth and claims his lips with an aggressive kiss. Their tongues dance together as each man tastes the other. Leo could tell quickly that his flavor stupefied the blonde twink because, with little direction, Rod was quickly on his knees, obediently sucking on Leo’s uncut cock.

Leo thrusts into Rod’s willing mouth while maintaining eye contact with him. Rod struggles with both Leo’s girth and length during the blowjob, and works his tongue around the cockhead slowly until he has a feel for Leo’s size. Leo isn’t so patient, though. He knows exactly what he wants: to have Rod to worship his balls.

Leo dabs his sack into Rod’s mouth, who tongues the salty orbs with glee. The scent of precum oozes from Leo’s slit and dribbles down his length. It weakens and subdues Rod, whose slackjaw welcomes the slap of Leo’s dick against his lolling tongue. Leo pulls Rod up to his feet. When they kiss this time he mashes their mouths together forcefully, crushing their lips hard enough that they could barely breathe between kisses that feel more like jabs than romance.

Leo wordlessly pulls Rod’s jeans down to his ankles and props him against the wall. With little more than spit and grit, he slides into Rod’s tight bubble butt. Leo’s pace is slow at first, but every time he looks down and sees Rod tattoo, he can’t help but increase the pace. With ink like that Leo has to fuck this bottom till his eyes cross! It’s clearly what Rod wants.

After several long minutes of pounding, Leo pulls out. His breath is thin, his breath is fast. He forces Rod back down onto the ground, and lords over him. With his steely gaze fixed, he strokes faster and faster, until he shoots in spurts that arc onto the concrete wall, and rain down on the hole he just now thoroughly owned.

And that’s just one load! Leo is already thinking about the next one. Unfortunately, before Leo could plan out where in Bordeaux he’d fuck Rod next, a voice calls out from the nearby street. Startled, both men pull up their pants and scramble in opposite directions in the rubble. They’ll have to rendezvous somewhere else…

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