Jalif Studio – Axel Lorentz, Igor Lucios and Isaac Torrid

Jalif Studio – Axel Lorentz, Igor Lucios and Isaac Torrid


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When Isaac Torrid accidentally wound up on the wrong side of the outskirts of Lyon, he knew his ass was in for trouble! Or so he hoped! Very soon indeed, buddies Igor Lucios and Axel Lorentz rounded the outsider up and led him to an abandoned, demolished building. There, the tremulous, anxious Isaac was ordered to face the wall and place his hands up against it. Igor and Axel couldn’t help but notice just how quick, compliant, and obedient their captive was in response to their orders. They wondered just what all they could do? Being naturally extremely horny and their detainee already under their command, they went ahead and pulled out their rock hard dicks for him to hurry up and get to sucking on! Isaac was slightly surprised by this very sudden turn of events, but he certainly wasn’t in a position to complain–and secretly, nor did he want to! He loved it when Igor grabbed him by the throat and forced his thick member down. And make no mistake, Axel wanted his pole swallowed, too. But first, he wanted to inspect the round ass that he certainly intended to soon fuck. Igor must have read Axel’s mind because suddenly he pushed Isaac off of his cock and proceeded to yank his pants down, exposing the meaty, waiting ass. The horny tops then began taking turns shoving their fingers deep inside of Isaac’s hole, which was delightfully loose and already gaping. It seemed he was no stranger to taking countless big cocks in his life, something that made the extremely horny dudes even hornier! Once again, the captors made Isaac get down on his knees. This time they required that he take turns sucking on both of their hardons. And don’t you know it, he was actually really good at it! Isaac slobbered and bobbed with vigor, needing very little prodding by Igor and Axel. Now the captors were the ones anxious and ready. They instructed Isaac to stand back up and prepare for his ass to be invaded! Igor gave Isaac’s hole one last, deep, multi-finger fucking while stroking his own aching cock. Axel also couldn’t help but salaciously tug at his own man meat. Soon, Axel took the lead and shoved his cock all the way into Isaac’s quivering ass. Igor took position in front of Isaac, pushing the Frenchman’s wet mouth on his thick tool. Axel rapidly pounded Isaac’s cock hungry ass, hissing and panting as he went to town. Igor kept a grip on his captive’s head, keeping his mouth on his dick, not letting go. Isaac’s gagging and salivating made Axel want to blow his load. He quickly pulls out and joins Igor, who is getting extremely close to cumming. Within seconds, both dudes spray their pent up loads all over their captive’s face, neck and chest!

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