Island Studs – Ezra

Island Studs – Ezra


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Tall 6’5″ Bearded Ezra! Gay Jewish Philly College Twink Opens Hole,  Pees x2, Works with Big Donkey Balls Swingin’ & Sprays Furry Belly!
Bearded, tall, 6’5″, Ezra is a super sweet, polite, talkative, and Proudly Gay,  All American Jewish Twink from Philadelphia, attending Pre-Med School in Oregon who enjoys showing showing off his tight lightly hairy lean upper body, furry armpits and full bush of dark crotch hair surrounding his beautiful cock and heavy low hangers, strips out of his nice college clothes and gets an instant ‘hands free’ erection, takes 2 very LONG Pisses each lasting 2.5 minutes, works as a naked house boy, fully nude on his knees painting the deck with his big heavy donkey balls swinging between his long hairy legs as his ass crack opens wide, revealing a yummy pink boy, reveals he enjoys Bottoming and “Loves Daddies”, sits down outdoors beside the Oregon Forest, poses and flexes while jerking his perfect cock, moans as he blasts boys juice all over his belly, cock, and low hanging ball sack, before taking a sexy soapy shower in this Exclusive New Video from Island Studs. If you like skinny young boys with giant swingin’ donkey balls, Ezra, in his First Ever jerk off video for Island Studs is NOT TO BE MISSED! You will not believe this is Ezra’s very first time posing naked for photos and video! He is so comfortable talking, posing and showing off his beautiful cock and big low hangers for Island Studs! “I use to watch a lot of gay porn” he states with a sweet College Boy Smile. This well educated All- American Jew Boy, a tall 6’5″ 22 165 lbs, was born and raised in Philadelphia by two professional parents: both his mother and father are doctors in Center City. Horny Ezra becomes aroused immediately when I ask him to strip out of his school clothes. Look how his dick throbs and his big donkey balls hang low and he stands before our cameras for the first time!  Once fully naked he takes 2 LONG Powerful Pisses holding his cock as he drains his bladder!. Piss Lovers Alert! Ezra is an amazing pisser!  This well Hydrated College Twink takes two of the LONGEST Pisses we have ever filmed for Island Studs, both over 2.5 minutes! Watch as his two golden showers Start then Stops then Drips then Starts and Stops again repeatedly in his amazing Piss sessions! The first pee, he is fully nude as his pee splashes loudly into a bucket outside in the Sun. And the other he holds his cock as he releases his piss off the balcony and into the forest below with yellow pee splashing around his bare feet!  Both are filmed in long shot and close up for your viewing pleasure! Two to the best pee scenes we have ever recorded and by far, the record for length and sound! Ezra just keeps pissing and pissing! If you like young educated students with bright eyes, a radiant smile and big swingin’ balls, Ezra will excite you! For the the popular Island Studs Naked Worker Series, I put Sweet Ezra to work on this hands and knees painting the deck outside with his lovely cock and his big Donkey Balls dangling and slapping against his creamy white hairy boy butt. Watch his heavy balls slap against his hairy thighs as he works. There are so many great angles and views of Ezra’s feet, wide open ass, pink boy hole, dangling dick and massive balls as he works on his hands and knees in the sun. After his nudist painting job, His horny lad sits down on a chair on the deck fully nude for a long tender jerk office session. “I love my tits pinched HARD!”, he states with a naughty Jewish Boy smile as grabs his perky red tit and pinches it with one hand while jerking his swollen cock with the other. What a sexy tall verbal Bottom Boy!  Listen to him breath heavily and moan as jizz blasts out of his red hot cock and lands all over his furry belly, cock and drips down to his low hanging balls, which are resting on the cushion between his hairy thighs! Listen to the conversation we have as he sits exhausted covered in his own cum. He stands up dripping cum and poses for more photos, showing us his super hair armpits again. Full of smiles Ezra takes a soapy sexy shower. With his perky soapy ass in our face, he cleans his legs and feet. We are so happy to have met this polite, well educated, Jewish Boy from Philly and pleased he agreed to shoot his first ever video for Island Studs of him jerking his beautiful cock and painting on his hands and knees with his ass in our camera lens. Don’t miss, Ezra’s “Swingin Balls Fest! and extra Long x2 Piss Sessions in this, his first ever time in front of a camera jerking off!

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