HimerosTV – Hung On The Cross – Nico Nova

HimerosTV – Hung On The Cross – Nico Nova


RELEASE DATE:5 September 2022
QUALITY: 1080p
SIZE: 735 MB
Model:Nico Nova


In keeping with the nature of our Sacred Sex series, here is a young man engaging his body in sacred self-pleasure. Notice that he welcomes his entire body into the pleasure, not just his cock. His pleasure welcomes all of the senses and all of the parts of his body, building up to a full-body orgasm. But wait… his noticing includes a crucifix hanging on the wall, not an unusual decoration in some Catholic homes. Is he bothered by its presence? Does it make him feel guilty? Or does he welcome its presence in a way that actually blesses this sacred time that he’s set aside for himself? The sculptured body on the cross is strangely beautiful and detailed in its rendering. Perhaps he’s even a bit turned on by it. Perhaps there’s something transgressive about what he’s doing that turns him on even more.

In retrospect, perhaps he sees himself as an erotic partner of the man on the cross. Is that so different from nuns who consider themselves “Brides of Christ”? Or a direct interpretation of all those bible quotes in which God’s relationship to his people is like a “divine marriage”? These references strongly suggest not just a “spiritual” union but an erotic, physical union with the Divine as expressed in the writings of saints like John of the Cross or Theresa of Avila. Enjoying the erotic pleasure that our bodies can give us is definitely a divine gift. Celebrate it!

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