HelixStudios – Topped (Derek Shaw, Dante Clark)

HelixStudios – Topped (Derek Shaw, Dante Clark)


RELEASE DATE:1 September 2022
QUALITY: 1080p


Through sun soaked windows, fan favs, Derek Shaw, and Dante Clark glisten gorgeous, and golden in the dick drenched daylight, which highlights the heat between these two powerhouses. The porn perfect pairing is primed with an epically erotic soundtrack, as the two studs speak their deliciously dirty desires into existence. The slutty sensuality sizzles, as Dante dives deep on Derek’s thick dick.

Shaw ups the ante with some ample schlong smacks to his thirsty throater. Chock full of cock, Clark composes himself, gets off his knees, receives a smack to that sexy seat of his, then gets FULLY serviced. Derek delivers a downright dirty face-fuck. After getting his manly mouth full of meat, Shaw bends his boy over, eating and finger fucking Clark’s cock hungry hole while stroking his stiff schlong.

Dante can’t help but beg for some bone! And, our dude gets what he asks for in spades! Shaw absolutely crushes that can with cock, cramming Clark full, and hitting it hard as his own hard hammer sways below. Bottom boy back it up like a beast, meeting Derek’s deep digging dick at every thrust. He gets that ass handed to him extra hot, and in every porn-perfect position. As bottom boy’s moans, and dirty talk fill the steamy air, Shaw smashes ass like a superhero; and, he brings Dante’s dick to the detonating point.

The pretty boy bursts, creaming his caramel colored complexion with a big load of boy bust, straight up the center of his tight torso. Shaw takes in the sticky- good sight, then takes aim at Clark’s freshly cocked can, and unloads an epic load of erotic ammo. He paints pretty boy’s perfect pucker with a wild wad, then plunges his still pulsing piece back in where it belongs.

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