HelixStudios – The New Guy (Jacob HansenIan, Ian Novak)

HelixStudios – The New Guy (Jacob HansenIan, Ian Novak)


RELEASE DATE:8 October 2022
QUALITY: 1080p
SIZE: 909 MB


Jacob Hansen gets up on his tippy toes, to take a taste of tall drink of water, Ian Novak. Novak is a new boy on the block, but is definitely comfortable in front of the camera. He goes the extra mile to please twink porn prince, Jacob with deep kisses, gorgeous groin groping, and a cock worshipping throater that sends hottie Hansen into the stratosphere. He deep throats the dude’s long dong, then looks up at Jacob while smacking that superstar schlong against his handsome face.

Grateful, and engorged with a growing appetite, Hansen pulls the newbie up, places him on the bed, and blows the boy’s big, beautiful boner like a hungry beast! Wanting to show the new dude who’s in charge, Hansen cracks the boy on the can, and orders him to, “flip over.” Ian instinctively arches his back, like a bad boy in heat; and, Hansen heaves his darting tongue deep into the dude’s delicious donk.

With enough back to grab fistfuls of ass, Novak’s big meaty mounds get groped, licked, then mounted by Hansen, and his huge, horned-up hog. Jacob gets right to work, wailing on the boy’s beefy backside. Impressively, the new guy takes the pornstar pounding like a pro, and even moans for more! Hansen then manhandles the tight bodied hottie onto his side, where he gets drilled even deeper. Unable to control his cock, Jacob continues filling the fine assed fuck out like an application.

Ian loves every thick dicked thrust his back, handling his hefty hog as he’s hammered out. The site of his beautiful, new bottom enjoying every inch of him sets Jacob ablaze, and he busts, covering Navak’s whopper with a wild wad of willie spunk. The fresh nut coats Novak’s nether regions with creamy, cocksure confidence, thick enough not to ooze around. Jacob kisses the new boy with the same swag, snogging the sexpot with pure, perfect, pornstar prowess.

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