HelixStudios – The Boy Banger (Josh Brady, Billy Quinn)

HelixStudios – The Boy Banger (Josh Brady, Billy Quinn)


RELEASE DATE:22 October 2022
QUALITY: 1080p
SIZE: 1.1 GB


Sexy, and smoldering, superstar Josh Brady sizzles as he caresses new boy on the block, Billy Quinn. The boy looks longingly into Brady’s deep, dreamy eyes, and the pair kiss, igniting the screen with pure, porntastic passion! Brady can’t resist Bill’s beautiful bubble, and grabs the gorgeous glutes as they make-out. Anxious to taste that famous phallus, Quinn sinks to his knees, and dines like a king on that divine dick.

Keeping control, Josh pulls the pretty boy up by his chin, and maneuvers him to the bed, where he returns the favor, with a five star knob job. The newbie’s head tilts back, as moans of pure pleasure escape his supple pink lips. But, Brady isn’t finished with the delicious, dirty blond. He orders him to flip over, then plunges his tongue deep in the twink’s tight, pink pucker. Josh tickles the outside of Billy’s smooth seat with his thumb, then pushes his pornstar piece deep in the dude’s back door.

After a few sensual strokes, Josh picks up speed, and puts an uber hot hurting on the hottie’s lil’ hole. Quinn’s cock bounces deliciously in time with every thick dicked thrust, before he hops on top for a ride. Brady helps the blond out, cupping his can with those hot, manly hands of his, to deliver the deepest dicking. The top titan pulls the boy in for a kiss, then eases him onto his back, where he continues working the twink’s tight tunnel.

Bills strokes his schlong till it spits, coating his peaches, and cream complexion with a fresh batch of boy nut. The sexy sight all over Quinn’s six pack causes Brady to bust! He empties his sack out all over the newbie’s freshly banged out booty hole, then pushes his white hot wrath deep inside the twink with a few more seed soaked strokes.

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