HelixStudios – Pocket Sized (Derek Shaw, CJ Parker)

HelixStudios – Pocket Sized (Derek Shaw, CJ Parker)


RELEASE DATE:18 November 2023
QUALITY: 1080p
SIZE: 867 MB


Sexy CJ Parker gets a good luck kiss from delicious Derek Shaw while playing pool at a boy-filled bar. The horny pair take advantage of some pervy private time once the crowd disperses with some hot, handsy kisses as they strip one another down. Derek’s dick print through his tighty whities is dangerously distracting and CJ kisses his way to it lookin’ for some tasty trouble. He pulls at Shaw’s shorts till his schlong swings out, swaying with impressive heft.

Shaw smacks the twink on the tongue with his thick dick and schlong-hungry CJ eats cock like a king. Derek pulls Parker up, plants a kiss on him, then plants his lips around the boy’s bone and gets to work. Then Shaw bends the boy over, smacks his ass, and dives in tongue first. He licks, kisses, and sucks the twink’s tight smooth tail insatiably. Then, in the same spot he won a bet earlier, pretty boy Parker braces himself against the pool table.

Shaw eases his big beast inside, as CJ smashes ass back at him, begging for a harder hammering. Shaw takes the hint and puts the pedal to the metal with hard, smooth, steady strokes. Parker hikes a leg up on the table so his top can dig deeper, before Derek dicks the lil’ dude down on his back. CJ accepts every inch of dick Derek’s got, spread eagle as he jacks his jock till it jizzes, spreading fresh young spunk all over his smooth stomach.

Shaw takes the sticky sight in, then takes his cock in hand, and busts. Huge raunchy ropes of nut blast through the air, splattering all over CJ’s still twitching taint, balls, and beautiful bronzed legs. The superstar spew oozes towards Parker’s sweet pucker as Shaw sneaks one more kiss.

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