HelixStudios – Dick for Dante – Dante Clark & Spikey Dee

HelixStudios – Dick for Dante – Dante Clark & Spikey Dee


RELEASE DATE:14 October 2023
QUALITY: 1080p
SIZE: 1.1 GB


The tousled mop tops on Spikey Dee, and Dante Clark frame the boy’s handsome faces, as their cock hungry kisses heat up the screen. Wandering hands harden huge cocks, grip firm, tight twink asses, and clothes seem to melt away. The boy’s can’t contain their big, bulging bones as they jut out from their jockey shorts. Dante’s curiosity about Dee’s already legendary appendage gets the best of him, and he gets the best of Dee’s dick! He chokes down the enormous, fat phallus, while looking up at Spikey, who’s dishing out deliciously dirty moans, and words of erotic encouragement.

Dante whimpers out, “suck my dick,” and within a second, cock hungry Dee is on his knees, slurping like his life depends on it. After swallowing Dante’s delicious D to the base, Spikey takes a seat right on the spit slick schlong, easing his asshole all the way down. He quickly gets a righteously, raunchy rhythm going, causing his enormous dick to dance, and hop around hypnotically right at the camera.

Clark can’t stop this sexy sesh without taking Spikey’s supersized schlong for a spin, so he bends over, and Dee drills that hungry hole for all he’s worth! The cock cam catches all the ass stretching action close up from underneath after Spikey gets the boy on his back. He jacks Clark’s cock as he pounds his ass raw and rough before Dante takes over, and juices his jock till it spits a giant load of jizz all the way up to his chest! Dee keeps punishing the hotties hole, then nuts all up inside the gorgeous guy’s guts.

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