HelixStudios – Blazing Hot (Dallas Preston, Noah Bentley)

HelixStudios – Blazing Hot (Dallas Preston, Noah Bentley)


RELEASE DATE:1 October 2022
QUALITY: 1080p


Noah Bentley, and Dallas Preston are downright, deliciously dirty in this dick-hearty hammering! Bentley is beautifully bronzed; and, it’s obvious the boy’s been hitting the gym hard. His new body comes complete with cock stiffening confidence, and a hefty side of dirty talk. Delicious Dallas keeps right up with Noah. His chiseled torso looking like a tasty snack as Bentley blows the babe’s beefy bone on his knees.

Preston grabs the guy’s handsome head at points, and plunges his perfect piece deep down the back of Bentley’s throat. After a fire hot- face fucking, Dallas orders Noah off his knees, then kneels himself, to deliver a devastatingly delectable, deep throat. Looking like an angel with a devil’s appetite, Dallas hops on his buddy’s bone, riding the raw rig spread eagle towards the camera. His cock sways back and forth, smacking his sexy smooth, inner thighs he grinds.

After an epic bone bounce, the rowdy rider tells Noah, “I wanna fuck you.” With Noah’s knees by his neck, Dallas eases his top tier twink cock in slow, and steady. Then, our boy starts to build momentum, mashing his meaty monster sack deep into Bentley’s tight backseat. The dick tickling dirty talk continues; and, Noah let’s it be known he wants to fuck Dallas in doggy. Preston immediately assumes the position, and gets piston pounded till his porn sized piece plasters spunk all over the bedspread.

Still bent over, and aching for Noah’s nut, Preston’s perfect posterior gets painted with white hot heat. Bentley pushes his pole back in his boy’s hot, freshly hammered hole. Then, he tells Dallas he’s going to “fuck my cum all the way up.” And, he does…. Brace yourself for this blazing hot bang, boys!

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