Guybone – Dominic Cain Tops Edison Garett Raw

Guybone – Dominic Cain Tops Edison Garett Raw


RELEASE DATE:6 July 2022
SIZE: 740 MB


Looking to celebrate Father’s Day the best way we know how, we recruited Daddy Dominic and Son Edison for a smoldering bareback scene only these two were capable of producing. All the WOOFs as they started the scene in their jockstraps, rubbing dad body against boy body. Their jocks tented and bulges rubbed against one another, Dom moving up Edison’s slender torso to rest his hefty sack on the boy’s face. He released his thick, swollen dad dick for Edison to taste, encouraging him to lick the head and suck the shaft deep. He face fucked him, his balls mashing into Edison’s chin as he swallowed him whole.

Daddy and son had been perfectly paired. Dom praised his boy on a good job then worked his way around his body. He blindfolded the boy and put his cock back between his lips. He worked his dad dong deep into Edison’s throat. Edison thanked him and gulped that girthy rod balls deep. Spit and slobber, gurgles and groans, he was truly a good boy. He lapped at dad’s nuts, kissing and licking and sniffing and tasting. He serviced that shaft superbly.

Dominic dropped to his knees to thank his son with a wet kiss, then cuffed his hands behind his back, taking total control of the boy. With Edison on his back, legs to the ceiling, Dom spread his furry cheeks and dove in tongue first. He rimmed Edison magnificently, his mouth working over that hairy, heavenly hole, spit flying and tongue diving. He opened him up for the big dick bareback fucking that came next. Sliding out of his jockstrap, Dom eased his fat dad cock inside the boy, Edison taking it fully and fast. Their bodies became one and Dom drilled that delicate hole hard and horny.

What a match these two were! Dom flipped Edison over and screwed him in doggie on the edge of the bed. His bricked dick banged into the boy, making Edison beg for more. The smile spread across his face and the whimpers escaping his lips told Dom everything he needed to know – he was giving Edison exactly the deep dicking he dreamed of. Dom was in heaven, too, feeling that wet, warm, furry hole wrapped around his pole. He slammed into him hard, his tight balls banging against the boy’s fuzzy taint. The view from underneath their sex was spectacular! Dominic pulled out and pushed back in repeatedly, filling that tender ass with all his manhood.

They lubed up with SPUNK and slid over to the ottoman. Dom pulled Edison back onto him, his steel shaft buried deep in the boy’s butt. Edison sat up so he could properly fuck himself on Dom’s big dong. Then Dom got him into a sexy squat and let him bounce on his bone. They spun around and Dom plowed him in doggie again, this time standing. Fuck, that view from underneath is truly my favorite, feeling like you’re a real part of the action! Dad annihilated son’s hole, both of them feeling pure ecstasy as they inched their way toward orgasms.

The salt and pepper stud banged his boy on his back on the ottoman. Blindfolded Edison’s uncut cock tented in his jockstrap, so turned on but not touching it. They fucked raw and hard, that handsome dad cock sliding in and out of that wet boy hole, their sex equalling perfection. The blindfold came off and they stared into each other’s gorgeous eyes as they sexed bareback.

The sloshing sex sounds were fantastic! Daddy had son so incredibly wet. They looked fucking perfect together. I had them try the riding position one more time cuz fuuuuuuck what a view! The way Edison looked into the camera as his hole made Dominic’s dick disappear, what a connection. His forest of tight, curly ass hairs showing off the entrance to his erotic zone, his dick and balls at attention as he took Dom’s dad dick all the way inside him, it was all nirvana.

Back on the bed for the big finale, Dom dominated Edison’s ass one more time, perfectly pummeling his prostate, forcing a hands-free ejaculation out of the boy’s boner. Such a stunning talent Edison has! They sexed hard after he came, dad making sure his son felt all the incredible orgasm tingles. Then Dom laid on his back and jerked out a huge load, shooting his sperm into Edison’s hungry mouth and all over his pubes and toned tummy. What a cumshot! Edison cleaned up his dad, like the good boy he is, and it was over. I could have watched these two fuck for hours, but this glimpse into their good time will have to hold me over for now. YUM!

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