GayCest – Under My Roof – Tape 3 – Relieving Tension

GayCest – Under My Roof – Tape 3 – Relieving Tension


RELEASE DATE:2 December 2022
QUALITY: 1080p
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Ever since Logan and his Dad started playing around sexually, he noticed not only the obvious shift in their relationship, but also in the power dynamic between them. Mr. Stone was, by most accounts, a very self-assured, stern, and confident man.

But ever since they crossed that first line, Logan noticed that his dad had unwillingly dropped some of his armor and seemed to be deferring to Logan more and more regarding the terms of this new side of their relationship.

One afternoon, as Logan was folding laundry on his bed, Mr. Stone walked in to talk to his boy. Logan noticed he was a bit fidgety and apprehensive. His dad seemed very shy, pensive even. Mr. Stone asked Logan if what has been happening between them is okay. Logan assured him that not only is he completely fine with it, he enjoys it, and wants more.

This relieved his dad’s worries, and Mr. Stone responded by letting Logan know that whenever he wanted to spend more of that kind of quality time together to simply let him know. Logan, in turn, told him he wanted it now, right then and there.

This put Mr. Stone even more at ease, in addition to instantly sending his blood rushing to his dick. He was used to being the assertive one, but Logan’s confidence in asking for exactly what he wants was both disarming and a major turn on for the handsome man.

He went and sat next to his boy on the bed, nuzzling his face into Logan’s. Logan gently laid his hand on his Dad’s muscular thigh and stroked it; Mr. Stone returned the gesture as he rested his lips on the boy’s.

Their tongues danced a bit, tasting one another. Mr. Stone raised his massive hand and rested it on Logan’s face as the kissing slowly became more intense and intentful. The man and boy both stood on their knees and Logan rested his head on his father’s big barrel chest.

Mr. Stone removed his boy’s tank top, exposing Logan’s smooth body. As tender as this opening dance always was, Mr. Stone realized with each occurrence that it was very easy to lose himself in the moment and become insatiable with lust for his boy.

Before he knew it, his daddy hands were down the back of Logan’s shorts and pawing at his butt cheeks, groping each one with his massive mitts.

Logan’s shorts came off soon after and his rigid cock stood straight up as his Dad took hold of it, cupping the boy’s balls and admiring them. Mr. Stone stroked a bit as he licked Logan’s nipple, yielding a moan of pleasure from the boy’s mouth.

Logan reached for his Dad’s shirt and pulled it off, going for the shorts next. He wanted Dad to join him in this state of nudity. Mr. Stone was wearing a blue jockstrap that he filled out very well, complimenting his furry and muscular body perfectly.

Logan was quick to pull his Dad’s fully engorged meat out from the confines of the jockstrap, tasting the head first, and then swallowing it whole. He removed the underwear completely and went back to his expert oral assault on his old man’s hard cock. Mr. Stone moaned freely – utterly impressed by his boy’s skills. His hands roamed back to his boy’s ass while Logan teased and titillated his Dad’s cock with his mouth.

Soon enough, Logan got on all fours, presenting his hungry hole to Mr. Stone, whose own cock was just as hungry for the tight little prize. He pressed his head against the boy’s little pucker and it slid right in, with the rest of his shaft being welcomed into the taut space.

Logan’s hole wrapped itself around his Dad’s rigid meat, yielding moans and grunts of pleasure from both man and boy. Mr. Stone kept the rhythm nice and slow, making love with his boy.

Soon, Logan wanted to switch things up a bit, and he had his Dad lay back down. The smooth youngster sat on the man’s cock facing away from him. He rode his Dad slowly, mimicking the rhythm his dad was doing from behind.

Logan moaned and cooed with every little bounce. He leaned back and got his Dad up inside him even deeper, picking up the pace. Mr. Stone was in utter awe as his boy bounced up and down the entire length of his long meat.

Mr. Stone decided to take control back and had Logan lay on his side, sliding into him as they spooned. He covered his boy’s mouth to muffle his increasingly louder moans as the man picked up the pace of his lovemaking. Logan could feel his Dad’s dick get even thicker and throb as his balls began to tighten up. Mr. Stone knew he was reaching the point of no return. They both moaned and groaned as the man passed the pleasure threshold and unloaded into his boy’s guts.

His Dad slipped out, still throbbing, letting his massive load spill out of the boy’s hole. Mr. Stone then slowly pushed his now-deflating meat back into the boy. Logan leaned his head back and father and son kissed deeply to finish off another incredible instance of quality time and passionate lovemaking.

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