Gaycest – NEIGHBORHOOD SECRET: Tape 8 – Uncle’s Memorabilia

Gaycest – NEIGHBORHOOD SECRET: Tape 8 – Uncle’s Memorabilia


RELEASE DATE:8 October 2022
QUALITY: 1080p
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My nephew Myott and I have been having quite the adventurous time lately. When we’re not getting naked and fucking each other’s brains out just the two of us, I’ve had my neighbor share Myott, and even his own boy.

One day I told Myott to come into my bedroom to show him some of my old “costumes” I would wear in my films. I had amassed quite the collection of great underwear and jockstraps. It’s safe to say some simply don’t look natural on me anymore.

I could tell Myott liked them. He liked the idea of his uncle in them, and what might have transpired as I wore them. I liked the idea of seeing him wear them, so I asked him to try some on.

First up was a black and gray jockstrap, which he filled out wonderfully. Then a pair of white briefs, again – perfect fit. Finally, I had him try on one of my old classic white jockstraps. Again, just marvelous.

At this point, I couldn’t handle it anymore. As I watched his ass framed by the jock, I started to feel him up, rubbing his beautiful smooth cheeks. I had him get on the bed on his hands and knees so I could taste between his cheeks while he wore nothing but his uncle’s jock and his knee high socks. As usual, he looked amazing, and he tasted amazing.

I removed my own t-shirt and athletic shorts and dove back into Myott’s sweet little ass face first. I let out some muffled grunts as I tongued him deep, and he moaned at the feeling. Sometimes I still couldn’t believe I had my sexy little nephew’s hole all to myself to use as I pleased.

Soon enough, his hole was wet, opened up and ready for me. I got up behind him and aimed my big meat directly at his puckering hole. The head popped in first; always such an amazing feeling. The rest slid all the way into him with just a little effort. He definitely had some time left to grow into my cock.

I was balls deep into Myott and pounding his hungry hole at a swift, solid pace. My mind would briefly stop to appreciate how much better he looked with his ass framed in my jock, and my big rod sliding in and out of him.

I got him on his stomach and pounded even harder. After a while, I gave his little body a break and flipped him onto his side, letting my cock slide out of him only briefly before sliding it right back in.

I noticed his cock was rock hard in the jock. I pulled it out and began stroking him as I pumped in and out of him myself. If he wasn’t greedy for my cock already, that always helps intensify that hunger.

I got him on his back and slipped him out of the jock, lifted his legs up and slid back in, now fucking him face to face: one of my absolute favorite ways to spend this quality time with my cock-hungry nephew.

I could start to feel my balls tighten up against my body as my nut began to build. I changed my own position slightly and laid on my side, leaving Myott on his back and slid back into him while also planting a deep kiss on my handsome nephew’s supple lips.

It was too much though, Having seen him in my jock, fucking him in that jock, watching him enjoy my cock in him, and now kissing him I was already on the brink. I blew deep inside him, pumping yet another well-earned load into my sexy boy.

I pumped a few more times before plopping out. I played with his freshly bred hole, already looking forward to getting back in there again

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