GayCest – NEIGHBORHOOD SECRET – Tape 7 – Laundry Room Surprise – Mr Barrett and his boy Marcus Barrett

GayCest – NEIGHBORHOOD SECRET – Tape 7 – Laundry Room Surprise – Mr Barrett and his boy Marcus Barrett


RELEASE DATE:26 August 2022
SIZE: 586 MB


Even though it had been going on for a couple of weeks now, I sometimes couldn’t believe my dad and I were fooling around. That alone blows my mind, but doing it in front of the hot neighbor? And his nephew? It’s crazy! But…. kinda crazy hot.

Last time we were together, it was wild. Two lucky boys and their sexy older men. Naked, sweaty, and in the throws of unrelenting lust; giving in to every animalistic urge you can imagine. I can’t stop thinking about it. I am hungry for more, over and over again. But I don’t want to scare dad off. I don’t know… I just don’t want to seem… too needy. But I stopped being self-conscious after a surprise encounter with my dad in the laundry room…

I had just gotten in from hanging out with some friends, covered in sweat from running outside. I went straight down to the laundry room to throw my clothes in the wash. I didn’t even want to bother letting it sit in a hamper for days.

As I was undressing, and just as I was down to my skivvies, dad walked in. He just stood behind me. His gaze was powerful, scanning my body up and down. I wanted to turn around right then, but instead let him take the lead as he had been. I removed my underwear, letting my sweaty balls bounce around freely as he moved in behind me.

I could feel his hard cock pressed up against my bare butt through his jeans. He sniffed my neck and caressed my hairless chest before running his hands all over the front of my body. I coyly asked what he was doing. He knew it was rhetorical.

I was trembling trying to hold back my own lust, but was glad he was just as hungry for me as I am for him. Instinctually, I jutted my ass back up against his bulged jeans, I couldn’t help it.

Even though he’d had me a few times already, it felt like the first time every time. Maybe I still needed to get used to the idea of being with him in this way. Maybe I’d never get used to it. But every new first time, I always found myself deep down whispering “yes.” And I explore him all over again.

As he sniffed and kissed my neck gently and ran his hands over my boyhood, I noticed it felt like such a perfect mix of familiar, paternal affections and raw sexual hunger. Both ends of the spectrum battling yet drawn together like a magnet.

He removed his shirt, bare chested, covered in fur. We contrasted each other perfectly. It was hard not to want him… even wanting to be like him. I wondered if I would ever have a chest like his someday. But for now, I was just happy to be able to touch it.

We stayed in these motions for a while, until he finally made his way down my back with a trail of kisses before coming around and planting a light kiss on my growing bulge, and his nose on my hanging sack.

He enjoyed the scent and took a big whiff. I’m sure he noticed the perfect mix of soap and sweat. Just musky enough; with the hint of the man I was becoming. As he was getting a good sniff, he looked up at me. The feeling of seeing my dad’s handsome, scruffy face with my cock on it was incredible to say the least. I took a little more initiative and lifted my meat a bit and aimed it at his lips. He smirked a bit, opened his mouth, and enveloped it like a pro.

Running his hands all over me, he went for my sack, lapping it up and bathing it with his tongue. He stroked my rigid pole, still going from ball to ball with his wet mouth, until finally taking the pole back into his mouth.

I felt the head touch the walls of his throat. I never could have imagined being able to see this. He made his way off my rod and got back up behind me. He pulled his jeans down. Another trail of kisses, again leading down my back. This time his wet mouth landed right on my starving hole.

Dad’s mouth was talented in ways one could only dream of. His tongue expertly slobbering in, opening my hungry hole to prepare it for his throbbing man-meat. Ready for its intended target, dad spit a little and lathered up his pole.

My own hard cock was bouncing as the head of his long and thick meat touched the lips of my little hole. Despite the difference in size, my pucker invited him in, and he slid inside with relative ease. It was still huge for me, but it felt as if it was in its natural home inside me. I moaned and squirmed in pleasure as dad slid in and out of me like a pro. Like my hole was uniquely made for him.

He pulled out and sat on the floor, motioning for me to take a seat and ride it. It was time to show off my own skills. I rode it, both of us moaning and groaning as I felt him stretching me out. I leaned down to kiss him, which wasn’t as easy as I had hoped. Still, seeing the look in his eye as my body wrapped around his, riding his tumescence and bringing him closer to climax… it was incredible.

He lifted me up a bit, not letting his sword slip out of its sheath, and laid me down on my back. Still face to face, this position made pumping his cock inside of me that much more intimate. And I felt, in that moment, like I was his entire world.

I could feel him pulsing inside me. I knew he was going to blow in there, feeding what needed to be fed. He trembled as he picked up speed, shaking like a rocket about to blast off. And when the time came, the flood of passion and semen vibrated through my body, sending waves of sensation from my hole out to my fingertips. It was like I’d cum, too, feeling a part of his pleasure.

After his deposit, he pulled it out to see his handiwork, and leaned in to kiss me deeply. He slid back in to make sure his DNA was as far inside me as possible. Once he was certain of this, he pulled back out, and lifted me up for one final deep, and intense kiss. A kiss that told me it wouldn’t be the last.

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