GayCest – HOME FOR THE HOLIDAYS – Tape 1 – Home for the Holidays

GayCest – HOME FOR THE HOLIDAYS – Tape 1 – Home for the Holidays


RELEASE DATE:16 December 2022
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Chase had only just settled back into his parents’ house for the Holidays when he went to check on his dad. Mr. Weston, wearing his holiday cardigan, was on the den couch doing some work. The hunky father asked his son the requisite questions: How has he been? How’s school going? But then, he asked Chase for a massage. It seemed innocent enough of a request; Chase had given his dad the odd shoulder rub (and even a couple of foot rubs) here and there over the years.

His dad asked Chase to continue to tell him about school so far and let him know that he had missed him and was glad he was home. Mr. Weston then asked his boy if he’d had any “fun” with girls… or even boys. Chase was a bit embarrassed by the line of questioning at first, but felt safe and open enough to discuss this openly with his dad. The question also instantly sent blood rushing from Chase’s head to his cock. He admitted to his dad that the boys at school masturbate a lot together. At this admission, Chase saw his father’s eyes light up with noticeable interest.

Granted, both father and son were aware of the sexual tension that began to appear during these massages as the years went on. Both of them had lost time thinking about the other, especially when tugging on their own cocks. But those were just fantastical thoughts that had not even a modicum of probability. At least, that is what Chase thought, until now.

Mr. Weston then asked his boy how much experience he did have. While asking, he rubbed Chase’s neck slowly. His boy felt the energy shift in a strange-yet-exciting way as his dad faced him and touched him. It was the same energy he would feel when giving his dad those rubs so long ago; the sensation of his boycock jumping in his pants.

Mr. Weston asked if his son had ever kissed anyone. Chase had. Boldly, and almost too casually, the bearded, beefy father told him to show him how he did it. To Chase’s further shock, he leaned towards his dad, almost like a reflex, and casually complied. With lips parted, he met his dad’s lips. Immediately upon tasting he felt his body vibrate. Both the boy’s and the man’s mouths opened further and further as Mr. Weston pulled Chase in close.

Quickly becoming more than just a kissing lesson or demonstration, Mr. Weston reached for Chase’s shirt and asked him to remove it. Again, drawn together, they kissed. This time, the kiss went from sensual to deeply erotic as his dad complimented the boy’s ability while also giving him some tips. His tone changed; Chase had never heard this specific voice before, but he loved it.

Neither of them were worried about how quickly things escalated. Their hands roamed. Mr. Weston noticed Chase’s stiff rod, and asked his son if he wanted to stop. Chase said no, and Mr. Weston proceeded to unbutton his boy’s jeans. Now in his underwear, Chase watched as his dad pawed at his briefs. Mr. Weston knew instinctively how to tease his boy’s package, giving it a squeeze or two as he leaned in to give the boy’s nipple a taste.

Chase excitedly shuddered. He loved the slow and sensual pace, but was also eager to see just how far this would go. Mr. Weston tugged on the front of his son’s briefs, and Chase pulled them down to let his dad see the stiff meat up close and personal. His dad complimented his boy’s dick, letting him know it was just like his own, and then wrapped his mouth around it.

Mr. Weston worked his oral magic on his boy, then asked him to lean over on the couch and show off his ass. Chase exposed his hole to his dad, who complimented him again, telling his son how beautiful it is, just like his own. Mr. Weston went on to stroke the boy’s cock with one hand as he breathed in and sniffed Chase’s opening. Dad dove face-deep into the young boy’s cheeks, then plunged his tongue directly inside Chase’s chute.

The boy couldn’t imagine this getting any better! Dad continued to tongue and prod his hole with his fingers, even going back and sucking his toes and licking his soles. Mr. Weston removed his shirt, and Chase attempted, but failed, to avert his eyes from the sexy, furry body. He had seen it plenty of times, but the context here made it overwhelming in intensity.

Mr. Weston devoured his boy’s puckering hole. He had Chase roll over onto his back as he removed his own jeans, then his form-fitting briefs. It was all a sight to behold, but none so much as the revealing Dad’s rigid, curved cock. He aimed his beautiful dick directly at his son’s hole. To neither of their surprise, Chase’s hole was more-than-welcoming to his father’s invading meat.

Mr. Weston slid deep into his boy’s hole until his entire cock disappeared inside. His cream-filled balls slowly knocked on the boy’s cheeks as his dad began to make love to him. Mr. Weston couldn’t remember the last time he was in a hole that felt this amazing. And it was his own son’s, no less! He marveled at the sight before him: Chase, naked, legs in the air, presented in front of him.

Chase was in his own heaven. His hunky, beefy dad was deep inside him. They were bonding both literally and figuratively, strengthening a relationship in ways most fathers and sons would only hope for. They both moaned and as the pounding wore on.

Chase was on the verge of orgasm. Mr. Weston encouraged his son to let it happen as he felt his own cock begin to throb for release. Chase moaned as he shot his cum load from his dad pounding him; which caused Mr. Weston’s balls to tighten. He flooded the boy’s hole with his own load.

Both spent, Mr. Weston leaned in to kiss Chase. He told him he’s always going to look forward to his son visiting. This was always true, of course, but now there was a greater truth behind the phrase.

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