GayCest – DADDY’S PRIDE AND JOY – Tape 3 – Proud Papa (with Mr Wheeler, Mr Lear and his boy Maxx)

GayCest – DADDY’S PRIDE AND JOY – Tape 3 – Proud Papa (with Mr Wheeler, Mr Lear and his boy Maxx)


RELEASE DATE:9 September 2022
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My relationship with my boy Maxx has never been deeper or more intimate. I’ve never felt more lucky in my life than I do now…. now that we’ve taken our connection nearly as far a relationship like ours could possibly go.

He is a trophy absolutely worth showing off, and with his Uncle Jonah visiting, I couldn’t think of a better person to show him off to. My brother hadn’t seen Maxx in quite a while, so he was pleasantly surprised to see just how much Maxx had filled out.

Maxx’ development included, I also wanted to play show-and-tell more literally. Jonah had barely had a chance to take Maxx in before I leaned in to kiss my handsome boy. Maxx hesitated only slightly, unsure of how this might be perceived by my brother. But he returned my kiss almost immediately. He knew he could trust me and he knew he was in good hands.

I told Maxx to show his Uncle Jonah exactly what our relationship had become. Jonah looked a bit taken aback when he saw the initial kiss Maxx and I shared, but given that we had our own special brotherly bond, I think he was just more surprised by how wantonly I went about showing him more than anything. He didn’t hesitate to taste Maxx’ sweet mouth with a kiss that could almost rival ours.

I loved having a front-row seat to watch my handsome brother kiss and feel up my sexy son. It elicited quite the burst of feelings, in addition to all the blood rushing to my cock. And from the looks of it, I wasn’t the only one.

Maxx and Jonah were quick to start the undressing. Jonah got Maxx down to his skivvies, while my brother and I removed everything from the waist down. We sat with each other side-by-side on the couch as my beautiful boy Maxx knelt down in front of us.

As Jonah and I got comfortable with each other, kissing and reconnecting as we had in our youth, Maxx expertly showed off his oral talents.

I realized it hadn’t just been a while since Jonah had seen us, but since I had seen him and felt him this way. Having both him and my Maxx at the same time was the absolute pinnacle of pride, intimacy, and eroticism. We kissed and would turn our attention back to the sexy boy juggling both of our engorged members with his tongue and throat.

Maxx soon had both his uncle and myself worked up enough to where we put him up on all fours between us on the couch. Jonah pulled his tighty-whities down and made sure he filled his eyes with the view in front of him. His brother’s boy has a marvelous ass that deserves all the attention his dad and uncle had to offer.

Jonah dove face first into Maxx’ lightly-furry butt and got a bountiful taste to match the view. I was filled with pride watching my brother eat my sexy son’s hungry hole. As I kept my face in front of Maxx’ to watch him and care for him, I made sure my line of sight was clear to watch Jonah as his face was buried between my boy’s cheeks. My meat throbbed, knowing that Jonah was just as turned on as I was.

Jonah got completely naked, sliding up behind Maxx (with his own pulsing sword) seeking out his nephew’s little puckered up hole. I joined him in taking off the rest of my clothes and giving Maxx my look of approval. I sat on the floor next to the couch, staying close by my boy’s face as I watched Jonah slide into Maxx.

I looked into Maxx’ eyes as he took my brother’s cock. It was incredibly beautiful to see the rush of emotions flood over his expression. Excitement, confusion, fear, hunger… it all came across clearly. Maxx made me so proud, knowing how brave he was to take my brother’s big hard cock. But I told him he was doing great, and I knew that meant the world to him.

My brother and I kissed deeply as he slid in and out of my son, the both of them moaning in sheer ecstasy and carnal lust.

Maxx’ sexy moans let me know how good it felt to have my brother inside of him, all while Jonah verbally affirmed it. My meat throbbed unrelentingly; it needed something warm around it. Thankfully, my boy has two hungry holes, and his mouth was unfulfilled.

I pushed my cock between his lips, his moaning adding a vibrating sensation to the feeling of being enveloped. Both of his holes were equally talented indeed.

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