Fun Size Boys – CALEB – Chapter 6 – ANAL ULTRASOUND – Caleb Anthony and Legrand Wolf

Fun Size Boys – CALEB – Chapter 6 – ANAL ULTRASOUND – Caleb Anthony and Legrand Wolf


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Caleb is excited to be back in Dr. Wolf’s office. He couldn’t help but wonder what the tall, hung, sexy man had in store for him. It wasn’t long before the doctor walked in and informed him that the device to his right was an ultrasound machine and that he would be able to see inside Caleb… while he was inside Caleb.

This, of course, immediately aroused the boy, feeling the usual flutters in his stomach that the hulking doctor always elicited. Caleb, similarly, drew out the ravenous animal inside the Doctor, which became obvious as he began to undress the eager boy and feel him up.

Caleb melts a bit in the Doctor’s wandering hands, like a clay sculpture being molded. Dr. Wolf has him turn around and continues to let his hands wander all over the obedient boy’s body. Caleb already feels ecstatic, almost light-headed, as the Doctor’s hands unbutton his pants and runs over his stiff boy dick.

Dr. Wolf pulls Caleb’s underwear down and slightly gropes his perfect little butt. Caleb falls into and embraces the big Doc as he does, burying his face into the Doctor’s neck as he trembles from the enormous hands pawing at his soft, milky cheeks.

The large, hunky doctor is just as enamored with the small boy, both his hands easily covering the entirety of the little guy’s ass. Dr. Wolf spreads the cheeks apart and lets his fingers probe the boy’s hungry, yearning hole. Caleb moans as huge fingers explore his little pucker. Dr. Wolf moans back directly into the boy’s ear, whispering his appreciation for the boy’s body.

With one hand on Caleb’s ass and the other now stroking his stiff little rod, the Doctor is driving the little guy crazy in the best way. Dr. Wolf instructs the boy to start undressing him next. Caleb doesn’t waste any time and he pulls the large man’s shirt out of his pants. The Doctor unbuttons his shirt while simultaneously letting his other hand continue its journey all over the boy’s body.

Dr. Wolf has Caleb remove his own pants completely. He has the now fully naked boy climb up on the examination table briefly to remove his socks. The boy’s pink, rigid rod is standing at attention as the Doctor’s hands continue to explore his twink body. The Doctor continues to caress Caleb and unbuttons his own pants, signaling to the smaller boy to free his big, rigid man-cock from the confines of his perfectly fitted red briefs.

Caleb excitedly feels-up the Doctor’s meat through the fabric before pulling it all the way out. The two of them stroke each other’s cocks, once again comparing all of their size differences. Dr. Wolf has a smattering of hair all over his body, while the petite boy is nearly hairless and smooth, save for a small red bush above his cock.

Dr. Wolf instructs Caleb to lay on the examination table, which the boy excitedly does. The doctor points his girthy knob at the boy’s starving hole and lays the handheld ultrasound wand on his lower belly. Caleb coos as he feels the Doctor fill his hole with his massive tool and looks over at the ultrasound monitor.

Caleb is amazed to see Dr. Wolf’s entire hard dick going into his guts, his own chubbed-up cock throbbing at both the feeling of the pound of flesh inside him and the idea of the ultrasound capturing it inside. The Doctor starts off slow, letting the boy get used to the massive piece invading his hole. Soon enough, though, Dr. Wolf picks up the pace and starts giving Caleb a proper balls-deep pounding.

The good doctor has Caleb turn over and re-enters him from behind, drilling him even deeper. The boy’s delightful moans are a good indicator of his pleasure and only encourage the Doctor to keep up the good work. Dr. Wolf pounds him fast, hard, and deep as the boy strokes his own hard knob.

Dr. Wolf can feel his balls tighten as his orgasm starts to build. He has the little guy turn over to lay on his back again. As the Doc starts the pounding over again, Caleb’s moans become even louder, so loud that Dr. Wolf has to stifle them by covering the boy’s mouth. The Doctor’s own moans become more audible as well as his cock gets ready to blow inside the boy.

Dr. Wolf growls like an animal when he finally shoots and fills the little hole, with Caleb, too, wailing in ecstasy…

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