Fun Size Boys – JOSHUA – CHAPTER 3 – Size Comparison – Joshua Oaks and Legrand Wolf

Fun Size Boys – JOSHUA – CHAPTER 3 – Size Comparison – Joshua Oaks and Legrand Wolf


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Joshua was excited when the big, hunky doctor invited him to his home. He hadn’t seen him since his office visit resulted in him getting double stuffed by not just Dr. Wolf’s massive cock, but that of his nearly just as massive dicked nurse- Cole! As much as he loved that hot experience, he was very happy to get some one on one time with the big man himself.

The two snuggled on the couch with the doctor’s arm around the much smaller man. Dr. Wolf rested his enormous hand on Joshua’s chest. He motioned for the man to lay his own hand on his to show him the stark contrast in size. Despite having had the tall, hunky doctor deep inside him on multiple occasions, Joshua was still bowled over by this display.

As the two continued comparing, both also became very turned on. Joshua had a particularly hard time hiding this in his ultra-snug pants. The big doctor groped Joshua, running his hand up the man’s hard meat, and pulled him in to plant a kiss. The two laid their lips on one-another’s and began an intense make-out session. In between kisses, they continued to compare size while also feeling each other up.

Dr. Wolf instructed the man to stand up on the couch to meet him face to face to continue their make-out. The big doctor hulked over Joshua’s petite frame as the two continued working each other up. Joshua’s shirt came off first, giving the goliath a chance to run his hands all over the pint-sized man’s body before he pulled his pants down and had him completely naked.

They continued to kiss, Dr. Wolf still fully clothed and Joshua completely nude. Both, however, stood at full mast. Dr. Wolf was impressed with the considerable heft of the smaller man’s meat. Joshua indicated he wanted the large doctor to join him and proceeded to take off the man’s snug sweats and underwear, revealing his impressive, fully engorged member. Joshua noted that his hand could barely wrap around the doctor’s meat.

As the two of them groped and stroked one-another’s cocks, Joshua got down off the couch, getting on his tip-toes to reach up and kiss the much taller man. Joshua turned around to face away from Dr. Wolf, the doc’s enormous dick standing at attention up against the petite man’s body.

Dr. Wolf sat on the couch and motioned for Joshua to come take a seat. The small maner pointed his hungry hole at the man’s rock hard cock and worked it inside himself. Joshua was still impressed by the size, even having had it inside him on multiple occasions. The two of them moan in respective pleasure as the much smaller man continued to work the length of hulking doctor into himself, riding it along the way.

Once Joshua had the brawny man’s entire meat-sword inside of his hungry hole, he lifted his feet up and rested them on the doc’s massive thighs. The doctor now began slowly pumping his stiff dick into Joshua’s guts. He let Joshua lean back and laid on him as the smaller man acclimated to the whole length and girth of the doctor’s cock deep inside him. Once he did, however, the shorter man once again began bouncing up-and-down on Dr. Wolf’s cock.

The large doctor then brought his arm around and wrapped it around Joshua’s knees, pulling them up to the short man’s chest as he began to pump his cock into the petite hole at full-speed. Joshua’s ecstatic moans only spurred Dr. Wolf on.

Joshua impressively turned around while still impaled on Dr. Wolf’s big, thick dick. The two then kissed intensely, moaning and grunting into each other’s mouths. Both of their freckle-laden bodies adjoined at the lips as well as from cock to hole.

The small man climbed off the doctor’s meat and got on all fours, allowing the doctor back inside from behind. Dr. Wolf worked his way back into Joshua’s hole, now open, sliding in and out with somewhat more ease. The doctor’s egg-sized balls slapped against the man’s petite frame as he pumped, picking up speed as orgasm began to build.

The hulking doctor leaned forward, wrapping his arms around Joshua as he picked up the pace even more. Joshua moaned loudly, in sheer ecstasy over being filled to the brim with Dr. Wolf’s massive cock, desperate to be filled once more with his creamy, thick load…

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