Fun Size Boys – CALEB – Chapter 5 – LOUNGING AROUND – Caleb Anthony and Legrand Wolf

Fun Size Boys – CALEB – Chapter 5 – LOUNGING AROUND – Caleb Anthony and Legrand Wolf


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Caleb’s tiny chest swells with summer air as he lounges on the patio. In this moment of reprieve, the warm day slows down his thoughts and worries. His fair lashes flutter lazily —until a large shadow brushes over his peach face.

The shadow belongs to Dr. Wolf, the tower-of-a-man who had, over the course of the past several months, eclipsed Caleb’s heart and mind with lust. He dwarfs the ginger junior in stature, musculature, and masculinity. He circles around the small twink and reclines in the chair beside him. His mere presence flips a switch in the boy, and fills him with a heat far hotter than the rays of afternoon.

The garden was Wolf’s property. The view, the foliage, the courtyard, and the begging, panting boy pawing at his package—yes, he owns him, too. He has owned this bottom’s body for several months now, repeatedly—in his office, in his country home, and now, in the garden of his estate.

The tall, hung top feeds the hungry twink his king-sized cock patiently. He holds Caleb’s hand as the tiny gay bottom struggles to fit the whole length into his small mouth. Caleb works slowly, steadily nursing Wolf’s tip.

Mesmerized by the taste, his head bobs back and forth, taking everything Wolf has to offer. The doctor’s shaft slides past his lips, overwhelms his taste buds, and threatens the edge of his throat. The size difference between these two won’t slow him down—if anything, it just makes the twink hungrier.

Caleb isn’t alone in his hunger. A choir of birds praise the sight of Wolf stripping the twink bare of his striped shorts. The good doctor examines his boy closely, thoroughly, and patiently. Every crevice, every button, every inch of flesh is pressed, kneaded, tasted. The way Caleb’s expression melts in response to the doctor’s large hands and larger dick brings a smile to Wolf’s face. He can tell it’s time to claim his prize.

Stirring into carnal rhythm, Dr. Wolf positions the pocket-sized bottom onto all fours. At the edge of the deck where the wild grass reaches up to meet the shade of his home, he fucks his little guy silly, breeding him bareback so hard and fast that he nearly lifts Caleb into the air with his thrusts alone.

Their hips buck in constant motion. The imprint of the lawn chair digs into Caleb’s palms as he’s filled with yet another load from his DILF doctor-lover. Wolf wastes not a drop of seed in his climax, filling the boy’s hole to the brim with his sticky love.

Love it indeed is, as evidenced not just by their tender breeding, but by the doctor’s treatment thereafter. He flips his patient onto his back, and smothers the small boy with his giant body and slow kisses, administered only as a professional can. As their heavy breathing and sweaty bodies come to rest in the patio shade, Dr. Wolf wonders where else on his property, and in the world, he can take his boy next. And what positions are left for him to be taken in…

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