EuroPeenz – Before You Go – Radzzo Gab and Tyler Fora

EuroPeenz – Before You Go – Radzzo Gab and Tyler Fora


RELEASE DATE:22 February 2024
QUALITY: 1080p
SIZE: 802 MB


Radzzo is leaving, and with his bags already packed, he’s ready to flap his sexy wings and fly away. But he doesn’t escape without Tyler spotting him – this is the last thing he wants. Radzzo hoped he could make a clean break and didn’t want to get emotions tied up in his departure. Tyler is distraught but understands Radzzo’s need to explore and be free. Radzzo, knowing it may be selfish, wants to experience Tyler’s body one last time. Tyler wants Radzzo just as intensely and gives himself to Radzzo entirely. Tyler gets down on his knees and slips Radzzo’s cock into his mouth. The two Euro studs have unrivaled sexual chemistry, and Tyler knows precisely how Radzzo likes his dick sucked, rotating his tongue in all the right ways and blowing him at just the right pace. Radzzo is going to miss doing this regularly, so he savors every second of having his cock sucked. Radzzo fucks his beloved Tyler with a fierce passion, filling his asshole up and going as deep as possible. It’s a sensation he will truly miss. They sit up, and Tyler continues to ride Radzzo’s cock, with his own cock pressed against Radzzo’s rippling body. Tyler jerks his cock, getting lost in the moment and wishing it could last forever. Tyler cums first, shooting his load all over Radzzo’s abs, chest, and face. Radzzo finishes soon after. Covered him Tyler’s cum, Radzzo positions himself over Tyler and unleashes a massive load onto his face.

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