DreamBoyBondage – Cameron Basinger – Pretty In Pink

DreamBoyBondage – Cameron Basinger – Pretty In Pink


RELEASE DATE:1 October 2021
DURATION: 02h58m
SIZE: 3.9 GB


Chapter 1

The hottest gay boy in town, Cameron Basinger, is chained to our dungeon wall by Alex Johnson, his cock jutting out of his booty shorts and dripping pre-cum.

Chapter 2

Tanned, muscle boy Cameron Basinger is slapped and tortured with clothespins, his amazing body writhing in pain. Then his cock erupts with a massive load of cum.

Chapter 3

Young stud Cameron Basigner is flipped around and chained facing the wall. His muscular back and ass are flogged then sliced with a bullwhip by Axel Johnson.

Chapter 4

Cameron Basinger is chained in a sling naked. Axel Johnson gets hard fucking the boy’s mouth then fucks his ass.

Chapter 5

Muscle boy Cameron Basinger is crucified, first in tiny briefs, then completely naked. Just for fun, Alex Johnson also shocks him with a taser and whips him with a riding crop.

Chapter 6

Naked muscle boy Cameron Basinger is strapped to a rack, his ankles chained above an electrified spring. He struggles and strains to avoid shocking himself, but he just can’t.

Chapter 7

After being shocked to the point of being in shock, Cameron Basinger’s muscular body is stretched painfully on the rack while he’s flogged.

Chapter 8

Cameron discovers that he’s still chained to the rack, now facedown, his ass ready for the whip.

Chapter 9

Muscle boy Cameron is bent over a fuck-horse. Axel beats the boy’s ass with a leather paddle, hitting his back and thighs, too, then fucks him with a massive, ribbed dildo.

Chapter 10

Young stud Cameron Basinger spews another huge load of cum after being whipped, bound and displayed like a prized possession.

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