DreamBoyBondage – Alex Chandler – Putin’s Revenge

DreamBoyBondage – Alex Chandler – Putin’s Revenge


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Part 1 – Putin’s Revenge

Alex, 23, is a professional figure skater from Russia who managed to secure political asylum in the United States, claiming that being gay in Russia endangered his life. He has become a vocal critic of Vladimir Putin, speaking at gay rights rallies and doing TV interviews. Last week Alex received a letter from the State Department telling him his asylum was in jeopardy. Alex has angered the Kremlin and the Trump Administration is much more interested in pleasing Putin than protecting some gay figure skater with a big mouth. Alex has only one chance to stay in America and avoid a Russian gulag. He must agree to never speak out again and to be tortured for three days – on camera – as punishment and to deter any other young Russian who would dare criticize the Great Leader. Alex agrees. His first torture – a brutal flogging – begins now.

Part 2 – Jerked off and whipped

Jared continues to tear into long, lean Alex with the whip, turning the boy’s stomach, chest and upper legs bright red. Alex feels sexually violated and confused every time Jared takes a break from swinging the whip to rub his abs and fondle his cock, but he doesn’t resist; he’d rather be an object of desire than of torture. But now Jared goes much further. He lowers Alex’s wrists and cuffs them behind his back, then starts working his cock. “You are going to cum for me, boy,” Jared says with a smirk. “It’s not part of your punishment, but it’s what I want.” Alex can’t help but be turned on, with such a powerful, hot young man jerking him. He busts a huge load of cum all over his abs and Jared’s hand. Jared’s mood changes instantly, back to torturer. He re-chains Alex’s wrists high over his head and leaves him hanging in agony for hours. Alex collapses to the floor when he’s finally cut down and is shocked with a cattle prod until he stands up and is cuffed to the pillar, this time face-first. Then his back and ass are flogged mercilessly.

Part 3 – Fucked and flogged

Alex can’t believe what is happening to him. His chest and abs – even his cock – have been ripped to shreds by the whip. He has been jerked off like a sexual plaything. Now his back and ass are being brutally flogged – and the man whipping him, Jared, stops only to fondle him sexually, then whips him even harder. “Now it’s time for some real fun, Alex,” Jared announces, shoving a rigid, tapered dildo deep up the Russian boy’s ass and rhythmically fucking him. Alex has been fucked before, but not like this. Jared shoves the unforgiving thing up his asshole over and over, rapidly, then slowly. Finally, he leaves Alex impaled, using the elastic bands of his jock to hold the dildo in place. The flogging continues – even harder. Hours later, Alex hangs limp, utterly exhausted, dripping with sweat and throbbing with pain. And to think, his ordeal has just begun.

Part 4 – Two single-tails

After spending the night handcuffed to a concrete post, naked, alone and in total darkness, his body racked with pain from hours of flogging, Alex now finds himself standing, still naked, in another room. He’s chained to the floor at his ankles. Behind him is a wall covered with whips, chains and various tools of torture. Suddenly, Alex hears the whir of a motor and feels his wrists being lifted above his head, as his muscular tormentor, Jared, enters the room and selects a six-foot, single-tail whip from the wall. “I don’t think I need to tell you how this whip is going to feel,” Jared says as he rubs Alex’s tight abs and fondles his cock. Jared then slices the young Russian’s beautiful, lean back and bulbous, firm ass with dozens of cutting blows. He switches to a nine-foot single-tail and speeds up the whipping, pausing only to spray the boy’s fresh wounds with alcohol. Alex screams, whimpers, flexes and squirms. Such a beautiful boy so brutally tortured for all the world to see.

Part 5 – Crucified then fucked

Just minutes after he is lifted off the ground, bolted to a wooden cross, Alex begins to feel the growing ache of crucifixion in his lean boy. After 30 minutes he is moaning, straining to relieve the stress on his arms, legs and shoulders. He’s in agony, but he sure looks good, crucified naked, his abs fluttering, every muscle straining, his beautiful face a portrait of pain. And if hours on the cross weren’t bad enough, Jared attacks him with an electric cattle prod – zapping his abs and balls! Hours later, Alex is removed from the cross and laid face down on the bondage table, his ankles and wrists padlocked to its corners, and allowed a few hours rest. After caressing the hairless boy’s body, Jared wakes him up. “Please let me off this table,” Alex asks. “Sure,” Jared replies, “but first we are going to fuck your ass.” Alex knows he must submit. A tight hole like his was made for one thing: a hard fuck.

Part 6 – Eat my cum!

Jared takes a break from Alex Chandler’s official torture regiment to enjoy himself, fucking the boy with a tapered, rigid dildo we call the “punishment dildo.” Gay Alex has clearly been fucked before, but Jared still makes him suffer, shoving the spike-like dildo in hard and deep, fucking the Russian boy’s asshole raw as he moans in pleasure-pain. But Jared is just getting warmed up. “I bet you liked that, didn’t you? Now it’s time for a little fun of my own,” Jared tells the helpless kid, uncuffing his wrists and making him get up on his knees. “Suck me off, boy!” the stud demands, ripping off the front of his leather jock, sliding between Alex’s legs and grabbing his head, pushing his mouth down on his cock. Alex sucks Jared’s cock like a pro, then jerks off the man who has been hurting him, hoping against hope that he’ll be shown some mercy. Jared busts a huge load all over his abs, then orders Alex to lick off the jizz.

Part 7 – Cum and fried balls!

Jared is up to his old tricks, using boys whom he is paid to torture as his personal sex toys. Alex knows his genitals must be shocked with electricity. He knows some apparatchik in the Kremlin will be assigned to make sure he buckles in agony for the required number of minutes. But he still listens to Jared’s lies, “Tell you what, Alex,” Jared says, stroking the boy’s cock, “If you cum for me, I won’t fry your balls. Sounds like a good deal. Agreed?” Alex, a world-weary Russian, knows Jared is lying. He even knows that if anyone sees footage of him getting jerked off by this naked stud, he’ll be the one punished. Still, he agrees. They call it the Stockholm Syndrome. Alex wants to please his tormentor, even as the man relishes every moment spent torturing him.

Part 8 – Stretched and schocked

“Time to turn it up to full power,” Jared announces, as Alex lies spread-eagled on the torture table, moaning, exhausted by the long hours of torture he has already endured. Then the current flows into his cock and balls – twice as strong as earlier – literally lifting him off the table and making every muscle in his lean, athletic body contract. After two shocks, Alex is gasping in pain, glistening with sweat, but the full-power shocks have just begun; there are so many more to come. Plus Jared has an additional level of agony planned. He affixes Alex’s wrists to the winch on the wall and stretches him tight, adding inches to his already long body. Then he turns on the current again. Alex will remain at maximum stretch, with bursts of electricity regularly surging into his body, for ten more hours. Putin’s revenge, indeed. Next week: A beautiful, mixed-race boy.

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