Corbin Fisher – ACS1034 – Sharing Levi with Dylan

Corbin Fisher – ACS1034 – Sharing Levi with Dylan


RELEASE DATE:12 July 2023
QUALITY: 1080p
SIZE: 862 MB
Model:Dylan | Levi


Dylan and Levi are lookers! Seeing these 2 on the couch as they were getting ready to kick off the action in this bi threeway, I was struck with just how pleasant each is to look at – they’re hot! I can assure you, each is just as pleasant to be around. Of course, Dylan and Levi would be the first to testify to that now – they’re spending some quality time “around”, on top of, and even inside of one another here and each is having a total blast with all of it.

You can always tell just how incredibly turned on the guys are in threeways like this – they get to participate in all of the intense action, with the added bonus of getting to do something the rest of us have long known is a huge treat as well: watching the action! They’re turned on seeing each other fuck, Dylan’s turned on looking down at his dick in Levi’s mouth while Levi fucks Eva, Levi’s turned on seeing how much Dylan loves having his dick inside him, and how much a girl clearly enjoys seeing them go at it.

Having Levis hot cock pumping his hole sends Dylan over the edge, and all of the blazing hot action going on everywhere gets Levi to fire off a load that’d rival Rocky’s biggest!

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