Corbin Fisher – ACS1017 – Turning Rocky Out – with Jax

Corbin Fisher – ACS1017 – Turning Rocky Out – with Jax


RELEASE DATE:17 November 2022
QUALITY: 1080p
SIZE: 738 MB
Model:Jax | Rocky


Rocky’s a complete and total hornball who is always – really, ALWAYS – ready to have some hot sex and eager to fuck. So making him sit back and watch another stud like Jax go to work and get all the fun in this bi cucking episode had him going absolutely wild! You can see Rocky just get hornier and hornier as the seconds go by, while he’s stuck having to watch Jax go at it up close and personal from mere inches away!

Rocky being Rocky, though, he’s not just going to sit there and quietly watch! While Jax is putting that big dick of his to work on the bed in front of him, Rocky’s putting a big dildo to work on his own hole while watching! Rocky’s so riled up and horny seeing two people fuck in front of him he can’t help but stroke his own cock and fuck his own ass.

Eventually Rocky gets what he wanted all along – his own turn on the receiving end of a hard, deep fuck with Jax. Indeed, Rocky was desperate to feel Jax’s cock in him by the time he finally hops up on the bed and gets on his hands and knees to let Jax drill him. The fun’s not over for Rocky or Jax until they’ve both shot huge loads, though, and Rocky’s guzzled Jax’s load down!

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