Corbin Fisher – ACS1012 – Rocky Fucks Eva and Dane

Corbin Fisher – ACS1012 – Rocky Fucks Eva and Dane


RELEASE DATE:14 September 2022
QUALITY: 1080p
SIZE: 884 MB
Model:Dane | Rocky


Dane and Rocky in action with one another is a cherished CF institution by this point. These guys go way back at CF, have gotten in to some blazing hot action with one another, and also genuinely get along super well with one another. They’ve found a friend and fellow troublemaker in one another, and you know you’re in for one heck of a great time whenever we get these two in action.

As insatiably horny as both are and as well as they get along with one another, we knew an episode like this one right here would be next-level hot. With Rocky teasing Dane, then getting Dane bent over the bed to pound him as the girl then gets to watch them go at it, neither one could possibly be having more fun. Dane’s having so much fun getting teased then fucked by Rocky, in fact, he’s got a smile on his face throughout and his dick is as stiff as a board all along!

I can totally picture Rocky and Dane doing something like this on their own, away from the cameras – hanging out with one another, hitting up the bars, turning girls’ (and guys’!) heads everywhere they go, then finding one lucky girl to take back to their hotel room for a scorching hot threeway. She’s convinced she’s in for an intense tagteam, taking on both studs, only to find at a certain point the guys are more than just good friends who share way more than the occasional girl!

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