Corbin Fisher – ACM2908 – (Rocky) Unloading Dallen’s Joystick

Corbin Fisher – ACM2908 – (Rocky) Unloading Dallen’s Joystick


RELEASE DATE:19 October 2023
QUALITY: 1080p
SIZE: 771 MB
Model:Dallen | Rocky


We really got a kick out of filming this one! We figured having things start off with some competitive video game playing between Rocky and Dallen would make for a fun intro that’d lead to some hot sex. Neither one of these guys had much of an intro in mind, though! We planned to let them play video games for a few minutes and get some fun footage of that, but after just a few seconds Dallen already had that look on his face, stiff cock straining his shorts, and hand letting go of the controller to reach over and touch Rocky instead that it seemed these guys just wanted to bypass the gaming and get right to the good stuff! Well, we weren’t going to stop ’em!

I’m not sure who was winning in what by the time these two forgot all about the video games and got to the sucking and fucking, but we’re all winners as we get to watch Dallen bent over with his face down and ass up as Rocky pumps his hole. Both guys are looking hotter than ever as Rocky’s big dick slides in and out of Dallen’s ass, while Dallen moans and grunts with each thrust.

Maybe, instead of playing against each other in video games, they should team up and play with one another! These two are clearly in sync, and the way they blow their loads together is proof of that!

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