Corbin Fisher – ACM2803 – Roman Romancing Chris

Corbin Fisher – ACM2803 – Roman Romancing Chris


RELEASE DATE:21 October 2022
QUALITY: 1080p
SIZE: 888 MB
Model:Chris | Roman


Time to let Roman go to town on Chris!

As insatiably horny as Chris is all the time, you’ve seen me mention before he’s still the shy and quiet type. That’s what has made it all the more fascinating to see him run around and hit on girls when we’ve all been out in public – he can come across as so shy and quiet, yet all of the sudden is outgoing and extroverted if it means having a shot at getting laid.

Roman finds a new way to bring that extrovered and outgoing Chris out in this episode here. Roman pounds it out of him, in fact! Once Roman’s big dick as slid in to Chris’ hole, we no longer have a shy and quiet Chris on our hands. Rather, we have a wailing, moaning, gasping Chris who’s putty in Roman’s hands as he gets drilled and filled with inch after inch of hard cock!

When he has a dick pounding away at his hole, Chris’ facial expressions say it all – he’s totally overwhelmed by how great it all feels, and he’s loving every bit of it. This facial expressions say that even more clearly when covered in Roman’s huge load!

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