Corbin Fisher – ACM2797 – Adriano Creams Rocky

Corbin Fisher – ACM2797 – Adriano Creams Rocky


RELEASE DATE:30 September 2022
QUALITY: 1080p
SIZE: 828 MB
Model:Adriano | Rocky


There’s just something about Adriano’s cock that drives his fellow CF studs nuts. Of course, we can see just what it is… Adriano’s dick is big, thick, and he’s darn good and putting it to good use. He knows how to fuck, and is so good at working over a hole with that big cock of his that he’s had his partners here firing off their loads far earlier (and more often!) than they might have expected before the cameras started rolling.

That’s definitely the case with Rocky here. Traditionally we think of episodes ending with both guys cumming soon after one another. In the action here, though, Rocky’s firing off an absolutely massive load only a few minutes into the fucking – he simply couldn’t help it. He didn’t cum so much as he had Adriano fuck a load out of him. Rocky even told us afterwards that, despite all of the incredibly hot action Rocky’s gotten in to at CF, something about Adriano’s cock had him feeling things he’d never felt before. Rocky – the ripped, buff, hung jock stud we know is a total champ and star in the bedroom was putty in Adriano’s hands, at the mercy of all of the overwhelmingly intense sensations Adriano was causing him to feel as he pumps his hole with his big dick.

Usually it’s Rocky leaving his partners completely drained and spent, but this time Rocky gets to find out what it’s like being on the receiving end of that kind of treatment!

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