Corbin Fisher – ACM2796 – Dylan Dicks Jared

Corbin Fisher – ACM2796 – Dylan Dicks Jared


RELEASE DATE:27 September 2022
SIZE: 602 MB
Model:Dylan | Jared


Every time we film Dylan in a new episode, I’m even more impressed by him. As we all know, it took a very long time for Dylan to decide to give guy/guy action a shot. Sometimes it taking so long for a guy to decide to give guy/guy action a try can translate in to a likewise extended period of time during which they’re getting in to guy/guy action but are awkward and hesitant about. They’re not quite sure what to do and how to do it, need a lot of coaching, don’t want to do too much too soon or all at once, and so on. The CF Education is about guiding guys through all that, even.

In Dylan’s case, though, once he decided to take the leap there was no hesitation at all. Dylan is such a natural in action and so confident and outgoing sexually, he readily and eagerly embraced it all once he decided to give any it a try in the first place. This episode with Jared is proof of all that – Dylan pounds away at Jared’s hole and blasts off a massive load after a long, hard, hot session of doing so. He’s clearly good enough at delivering a pounding to make Jared a happy camper throughout the action here! Jared’s uncut cock is rockhard while riding Dylan, bent over the arm of the couch getting drilled by Dylan, and on his back with his legs in the air while Dylan’s dick pistons in and out of his hole. Jared can testify to what we’re all witnessing – Dylan’s a stud and knows how to fuck!

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