Corbin Fisher – ACM2789 – Chris Gets Used (by Barron and Roman)

Corbin Fisher – ACM2789 – Chris Gets Used (by Barron and Roman)


RELEASE DATE:1 September 2022
QUALITY: 1080p
Model:Barron | Chris | Roman


Chris is a little bit nervous at the outset of this one, and we can’t really blame him! He’s about to get tagteamed by two aggressive, hung studs in Barron and Roman and surely Chris must have been wondering if his mouth and hole could take that. Mind you, it was pretty obvious Chris wanted to give it a try – always horny and eager for action, while Chris was a bit nervous at the prospect of having two guys team up on him, he was also pretty darn excited by the thought of it.

Any nerves are out the window quickly as the guys get in to it. Roman and Barron and incredibly skilled at what they do, and that’s as true for their drilling a tight hole as it is for their making sure their partner is comfortable and having fun. Both of the tops here knew precisely how to treat Chris, and knew exactly what to do to and with him to get him worked up and ready for everything that was to come – the teasing, the dirty talk, the rimming, the throat-fucking, the fingering all have Chris whimpering and groaning and needing some dick in him badly by the time Roman starts to slide his hard dick in to Chris’ hole.

From that point forward, there are no nerves and not an ounce of hesitation at all – Chris is getting pumped full of dick at both ends, with Roman and Barron competing to see which one can pound an enthusiastic Chris the hardest and deepest.

Chris goes from being this 3somes most recent arrival to CF to being the first one in to it blow his load, while Barron’s big dick pummels his prostate. Roman and Barron then blast out their loads at the exact same time, leaving Chris thorougly satisfied, spent and soaked.

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