Corbin Fisher – ACM2788 – Liam Feeds Caleb

Corbin Fisher – ACM2788 – Liam Feeds Caleb


RELEASE DATE:30 August 2022
QUALITY: 1080p
SIZE: 974 MB
Model:Caleb | Liam


We had way too much fun filming this one – Liam, Caleb, those of us behind the cameras! These two were playful, flirty, clearly each outrageously turned on by the other, and all of that resulted in some awesome chemistry and a super hot episode.

Caleb landed at CF ready to have himself a good time, and immediately up for some action. He’s the kind of guy that’s always looking for new ways to have fun and new things to explore, and happily and comfortably settles in to any situation you might throw him in to. That included happily and comfortably settling in to things at CF, around the studio and with the other guys. He wasn’t at all intimidated by the experience, and instead just wanted to see what kind of fun we had in store for him.

There’s something so hot about Caleb’s carefree attitude and approach to things. He strikes me as that kind of guy we all knew back in college – one who wouldn’t really give themselves any kind of label and might not go out of their way to pursue sex with another guy, but if the opportunity presented itself they’d say, “Heck… why not?!” and go at it with gusto.

Caleb definitely goes at it with gusto here – Liam makes sure of that. Liam really hit it off with Caleb well and they were palling around the studio before this episode. All that time hanging out got Liam thinking, “I really want to give it to this guy good…” and he does precisely that. He’s playful, dominant, aggressive, intimate – Liam set out rock Caleb’s world and see how far he could push him and the results are loud and hot!

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