Corbin Fisher – ACM2786 – Mastering Chris (Jax)

Corbin Fisher – ACM2786 – Mastering Chris (Jax)


RELEASE DATE:23 August 2020
QUALITY: 1080p
SIZE: 812 MB
Model:Chris | Jax


Chris needed this! He’s not wasting any time at all with the preliminaries here – the instant we flip those cameras on and give him the go ahead, he’s diving in to plant his lips on Jax’s (aka Maddox @ Sean Cody) and make out as his hands roam all over Jax’s body and the clothes start to come off. The precise thing Chris needed is obvious as Jax peels off his pants and his big dick pops out – Chris’ eyes are glued to it, the hunger on his face evident. Chris was a tail-chasing hornball when he first met him, but what we’ve discovered about him since is he loves to submit and get his hole worked over, and you could tell he knew he was in for precisely that with Jax. Jax has himself a well-earned reputation among his fellow CF studs as being someone who knows how to fuck, has a flawless dick with which to do it, and knows how to take charge. He’s dominant in such a genuine way that comes to him like second nature, and he’s so good at working over a hole some of his fellow CF studs discover submitting to Jax comes to them like second nature! Back arched, ass in the air, a look of pure bliss on his face, Chris gets the dicking here he desperately needed and that only Jax could deliver!

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