ColbyKnox – Myott Hunter and Kylan Kain Flip-Fuck

ColbyKnox – Myott Hunter and Kylan Kain Flip-Fuck


RELEASE DATE:7 September 2022
QUALITY: 1080p
SIZE: 1.3 GB


We at ColbyKnox have been waiting for this pairing: Myott Hunter and Kylan Kain. Sexual sparks always fly when either one comes for a visit. These two hotties, sitting on the couch might just burn the room down. Everything is tentative at first. Stroking thighs. Coming in for some bashful kissing. Myott reaches his hand to grab a hold of Kylan’s tool. They keep kissing and feeling each other up. Shirts are taken off. Followed by shorts. Soon enough both are naked. “Suck my dick,” Kylan whispers. Myott opens wide. “There you go,” Kylan says. “Feels so good.” Spit falls out of Myott’s mouth. “It tastes so good,” he observes. He can’t get the entire tool down his throat but he tries. “Swallow my dick,” Kylan commands. “You have such a nice dick,” Myott notes. It’s Kylan’s turn to show his cock sucking skills. He gets on his stomach, licking Myott’s shaft. “Your mouth feels so good,” he says. As he’s getting serviced, Myott reaches over to play with Kylan’s backside. “You have such a nice ass,” Myott explains. He playfully slaps a butt cheek. As for Kylan, he shows how to swallow a hefty slab of meat. Whole. He chokes but can’t get enough. Myott wants another round at Kylan’s johnson. He gently taps Myott’s face with it. Considering the heft of the dick that’s very gentlemanly. Myott wants Kylan to open his second, and much narrower, hole. He straddles Kylan and sits on the bare dick. Kylan grabs those butt cheeks and guides Myott. “Fuck. It’s so good,” he whimpers. He stands up and Kylan re-enters. “Fuck yeah, baby,” Kylan says. “That hole feels so good.” Myott’s moans are louder. His own shaft is hard as he beats his meat. “Fuck me,” he moans. Myott wants to have some fun too. “It’s my turn,” he announces. “I get to fuck you. Get on your back.” Kylan puts his legs in the air and is stuffed to the brim. “Fuck me,” he orders. Myott picks up the pounding speed, making sure each stroke goes to the balls. “You’re so tight,” Myott observes. His tool hits Kylan right. He busts a nut, covering his thumb with cum. “Want to get a facial,” Myott asks. What a facial! Myott leaves streams of man cream on Kylan’s cheek and upper lip. The scene closes with the two spent studs sharing a cum soaked kiss.

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