ColbyKnox – Dexter – New Breed -A ColbyKnox Parody-

ColbyKnox – Dexter – New Breed -A ColbyKnox Parody-


RELEASE DATE:19 October 2022
QUALITY: 1080p
SIZE: 1.4 GB


“Tonight’s the night. It’s going to happen again, and again. Has to happen. My name is Dexter, Dexter Porkin. I don’t know what made me the way I am, but whatever it was left a hollow place inside. People fake a lot of human interactions, I feel like I fake them all. And I fake them very well.” I’ve let myself into someone’s home, a hard working hunk returning from work. His dating profile says he’s a top but I have photos that say otherwise. Something’s amiss. The ‘top’ asks his virtual assistant to turn on the lights multiple times. The lights stay off. Power must be out, a common occurrence when you live in the middle of nowhere. He lights up a candle and pours himself a glass of sleepy time tea, too tired to wonder who would’ve made tea for him at this hour. I turn on the lights, he turns around to see me on his couch. “Who the fuck are you?” he asks, I’ll tell him later. His jolt towards me quickly turns into a stumble, then a slow descent onto the floor. He must be really tired from all of his recent ‘topping’. Time to get to work, then the real fun begins. Soon after everything is set up he finally awakes. He’s layed out on a plastic wrap covered table in his garage, he’s also wrapped up in plastic wrap. I’ve covered nearly the entire garage in plastic, for all the inevitable cum of course. “Who are you, what do you want, what’s happening?” he asks the usual questions. I tell him he’s mine now and to look at what he did. I made a fun little photo collage of his recent sexual escapades. He’s not a top at all, he’s a bottom, and he loves it. This man fools his hookups so he can get what he wants, he’s just like me. But to lie to each and every one? Not me, I have standards. His eyes are closed, he still refuses to face the truth of his actions, wrong choice. I turn his head to the photos, “OPEN YOUR EYES AND LOOK AT WHAT YOU DID”! He starts praying to himself, I cut him off, that never helped anybody. He starts to realize his situation and bargain, “You can have anything, anything you want”. How about some honesty? “Do it! I deserve it please!” he cries out, finally we’re getting somewhere. I slowly grab a hold of his soft cock and- wait he’s hard already? Perfect. I slowly jerk his cock with my black rubber gloves, can’t leave any fingerprints. I’m a very neat monster. Seeing as his cock is out and about I start to slowly suck on it, natural lube is the best. He’s already moaning like a bitch so I stick a sock in his mouth, I need to focus. I speed up my blowjob and he seems to be enjoying it. He could spit out the sock and leave right now if he wanted to, I never wrap the wrap too tight. But leaving right now is something a top would do. I continue to switch between jerking him off and sucking his cock as he screams into his sock, he’s getting close. With one last sock scream he unloads his cum all over his cock, his stomach, my gloves. Now I get my souvenir; cum, sometimes it sets my teeth on edge. I scoop some of his fresh cum onto a microscope slide and set it to the side, a fine addition to my collection. I’m not done yet though, I don’t think this ‘top’ has fully accepted who he really is. There are no secrets in life, just hidden truths that lie beneath the surface. Remove the sock from his mouth and grab my favorite tool, a 12 inch double ended dildo. “Are you ready?” I ask him. “Yes sir.” he responds. I stab the dildo into his tight hole. He’s briefly stunned into silence from the sudden penetration, but starts screaming and moaning real loud in no time. I slowly thrust and twist the toy in and out of his ass as he catches his breath. I’m a lot more hard than usual at this point. Seeing him enjoy the dildo, the plastic everywhere, the rubber gloves, he’s probably really hard too; just like me. Enough of the toy, I need to cum too. I take off my pants and crawl on top of him. slowly sliding my erect cock into his ass. He screams louder than he has before, just as a bottom should. I fuck him into the table and hold my glove over his mouth, bouncing into him like this is nice but I need more leverage. I grab him and bring his ass to the side of the table. Now I can fuck him as hard as I want to, so I do just that. I’m thrusting into him over and over again, wishing I could stay like this with him forever. But monsters don’t get to live happily ever after. I need to see if he’s accepted himself like he’s accepted my cock. “Say I’m a bottom!” I demand. He doesn’t say it. “Fucking say I’m a bottom!” I repeat, fucking him harder and faster than I ever have, “Fucking say it”! “I’M A BOTTOM” he screams. The truth is revealed. Now that he’s accepted himself, he can accept my load too. I jackhammer into his tight bottom ass until I’m ready to give him my cum. “I’m a bottom! I’m a bottom!” it’s practically all he can say at this point. It sets me over the edge. I explode into his ass and pull out to imprint my seed all over his ass. My work here is done, for now.

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