Colby Knox – Lucas Angel Wrecks Mickey’s Hole

Colby Knox – Lucas Angel Wrecks Mickey’s Hole


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This week Mickey Knox plays with an angel. Lucas Angel that is. A few weeks back Lucas’ tasty booty was busted by Mickey’s man, Colby Chambers. Lucas gets a chance to ride Mickey and both hunks are gearing to go. They begin by making out. Mickey kisses Lucas’ chest and stomach. Mickey gives the first blowjob, swallowing Lucas whole. He reaches down, pulling Mickey’s meat. “Want me to play with that hole,” Lucas wonders. Mickey mumbles a consenting answer. “Suck that dick,” Lucas gently orders. “All the way.” The pair 69, with Mickey on top. Lucas keeps face fucking Mickey; he also slobbers on Mickey’s rod. His nuts hit Lucas’ upper lip. Mickey wants his hole rimmed so he sits on Lucas’ face. “It feels so fucking good,” Mickey observes. Lucas’ tongue works its magic, causing Mickey to moan. Lucas looks at the camera, giving us a satisfied wink. It’s time for that slick hole to be stretched out by some dick. Mickey puts lube between his pert butt cheeks. He also slathers some on Lucas’ log. When he sits on that raw shaft, Mickey sharply exhales. “Ride that dick,” Lucas whispers. Mickey does, right to Lucas’ nuts. He takes control, thrusting up. He puts Mickey on his side. The pounding continues. “Fuck, yeah,” Mickey moans. “Give it to me. Give me that fucking dick.” Lucas honors this request. 🙂 The camera offers us a museum worthy view of Lucas’ anal invasion. He covers Mickey’s mouth as the fucking becomes harder. They change positions. Mickey gets on his hands and knees. Lucas gives that hole a wad of spit and reenters to the balls, holding Mickey’s face with one hand. The reaming is unsparing but Mickey is here for every stroke. “Take that dick,” Lucas commands. “Fuck me, Lucas,” Mickey cries. “Yeah. Fuck me. Give me that fucking cock.” Mickey is on his stomach, yelling into the bed. Lucas kisses him. However, he doesn’t squander a beat. He wants Mickey to be bow-legged for a few days. He bites Lucas’ hand, and again Lucas covers Mickey’s mouth. Today Mickey is only a hole and Lucas has seed that must be deposited in it. Mickey gets back on all fours and Lucas continues hammering. “Goddamn, Lucas,” Mickey wails “That feels good.” Lucas slaps Mickey’s ass in response. Both studs are covered in sweat. Lost in the fuck. The sounds of flesh pounding flesh mix with groans and heavy breathing. Lucas pushes Mickey’s face back in the bed, making certain his bottom boy’s hole remembers. He shakes Mickey’s ass cheeks and soon can’t help himself. Lucas pulls out, leaving a creamy load on Mickey’s ass cheeks and hole. Lucas reinserts his meat into Mickey’s chute to make sure Mickey’s insides get coated. He feeds Mickey some man milk from his fingers, which Mickey gobbles up. It’s Mickey’s turn to bust. He gets on his back, jerking his tool. He licks Lucas’ pole clean, who offers a helping hand. Actually it’s a finger in Mickey’s wet hole. That does the trick. Mickey’s cum blast lands on the top of his chest. Lucas laps up the cum, giving Mickey a tender, and cummy, kiss. Don’t go anywhere because, after the scene is done, Mickey conducts a short interview of Lucas.

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