CockyBoys – Daniel Evans and Theo Brady

CockyBoys – Daniel Evans and Theo Brady


RELEASE DATE:15 December 2022
QUALITY: 1080p
SIZE: 1.07 GB


Theo Brady is here for the beard–the one sported by Daniel Evans–in a match-up they’ve both really wanted for a while! Daniel’s empowering hairy look amplifies Theo’s attraction to him, but even without it, there’s a passionate, uncannily natural connection right from the start. Theo lovingly sucks a vocally appreciative Daniel and then, like a longtime lover effortlessly switches to feeding him his cock.

Daniel gets into eating Theo’s ass , while Theo sucks him in a 69 , but then Daniel’s top energy kicks in and he starts fucking him.  Daniel plows Theo from behind and slowly gets him on his back but no matter what position they’re in, Daniel is visually focused on Theo’s reaction and whenever possible he kisses him deeply.

Theo switches it up by riding Daniel with the same sexual energy and they’re in sync again as he rides Daniel’s thrusting cock. This leads to a Theo’s explosive and long cumshot where he gives Daniel a facial AND splatters over his hairy chest. Daniel soon pulls out to shoot his thick load between his Theo’s ass crack, but Theo quickly sits on it to get as much in his hole. You ca n tell from their afterglow, this all was worth waiting for.

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