CockyBoys – Dane Jaxson and Leo Louis

CockyBoys – Dane Jaxson and Leo Louis


RELEASE DATE:21 October 2022
QUALITY: 1080p
SIZE: 1.1 GB


As his Camp Cockyboys adventures continue, Dane Jaxson spies on Leo Louis and gets a BIG prize! While exploring the grounds, Dane uses his binoculars to spot Leo poolside doing naked yoga!  Dane’s attempt to get a closer look flops when Leo sees him and though he tries to hide, Dane a big surprise: Leo’s hard cock in his face. And, without hesitation, Dane eagerly starts sucking Leo’s horse cock.

Leo gets Dane to take him deep and choke on his dick but he’s soon ready to fuck. Leo brings Dane against a nearby fence to eat his hole, but soon starts pounding his hole relentlessly, as deep as he can go. He gives Dane a small break to suck him but then leads him by the cock back to the pool so he can eat his ass. Leo lies Dane back on an outdoor sofa and into a perfect position for him to rim him play with his hole and fuck him again.

While Dane is in this position, Leo moves around to face fuck him and in a 69ish position he dominates his hole with his mouth and fingers. Leo easily manipulates Dane and gets him to suck him again and then bend over to work his hole on Leo’s cock and take more ass-drilling.

Finally,  Leo flips Dane on his back to finish him off with some classic power-topping. He is triumphant as Dane shoots all over himself and soon after pulling out, Leo shoots his load over Dane. Leo orally soothes Dane’s worked over hole then kisses him sweetly, leaving them both enough time in the day for more adventures.

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