Cocky Boys – Surrender – Episode 3 – Greyson Myles and Jacob Acosta

Cocky Boys – Surrender – Episode 3 – Greyson Myles and Jacob Acosta


RELEASE DATE:9 September 2022
QUALITY: 1080p
SIZE: 1.1 GB


A peaceful afternoon sojourn in a hammock becomes an afternoon sex romp for Greyson Myles & Jacob Acosta in “Trust”, part 3 of SURRENDER. At first Jacob is content lie back in the hammock and read with a napping Greyson nestled next to him. But after he puts the book down and his fingers play on Greyson’s chest, Jacob has to let his cock out of his jeans. As it throbs and grows and his heart pounds in his chest, Greyson can feel it against his cheek and opens his eyes to the growing monster cock just inches away.

Greyson gingerly takes Jacob’s cock in his mouth but in no time, he’s enthusiastically sucking his thick dick and only stops to kiss Jacob and tell him how much he loves sucking his tasty cock. Jacob merely tells him to keep going and soon uses and dominates Greyson’s mouth with his cock.

Jacob is hungry too and bends Greyson the side of the hammock to eat his hole and get it wet just as Greyson wants. Jacob fingers and tongue fucks Greyson and uses the swing of the hammock to get his tongue in deeper. When Greyson begs for his cock, Jacon pulls off his pants and fucks him from behind. In time Jacob takes Greyson over to a tree to eat his hole he fucks him against the trunk.

Jacob really wants to see Greyson’s face so he lies him back in the hammock to suck him and fuck him. Soon, it’s Greyson using the swing of the hammock to fuck himself on Jacob’s cock. Not long after Jacob drills him back, Greyson shoots his load and then gets the reward he requests: Jacob gives him a big thick facial. Greyson loves the tasty load and Jacob kisses him to get his share of it before they both lie back, quite content and relaxed once more.

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