Cocky Boys – Jack Bailey and Sean Xavier

Cocky Boys – Jack Bailey and Sean Xavier


RELEASE DATE:6 September 2022
QUALITY: 1080p


Award-winning star Sean Xavier makes his CockyBoys debut giving Jack Bailey some unforgettable wake-up sex that goes from a sensual beginning to a body–quivering climax. Sean takes the direct approach by rubbing his exposed cock against Jack and kissing his neck and while Jack is pleasantly excited, he’s also semi-nervous by the feel of the huge cock. Sean reassures Jack to trust he will take care of him as he continues to kiss him and fondle his cute butt.

Sean soon turns Jack over to feed him cock and though Jack swallows and gags on as much as he can, Sean doesn’t give him more than he can handle. And, Sean periodically plies Jack with sweet kisses before giving him a break —so Sean can concentrate on his hole. With Jack on his back and his legs bent all the way back,  Sean eats and tongue fucks his hole which puts Jack into a state of ecstasy. Soon, Jack sees Sean is ready to fuck and though he’s still nervous, Sean lets him know he is NOT!

Sean slides in and takes it slow with Jack but as he expands his hole, he gives him more and fucks him deeper and harder, using him every which way. Sean pins Jack down and dominates his hole and is excitedly happy to see how Jack takes his cock and enjoys it. Sean gets Jack to ride his cock and he relishes his control thrusting up into him and drilling him sideways

Finally, Sean turns Jack on his back and pounds him until his eyes roll back in his head and he shoots his huge load for his delighted top. Sean fucks and kisses Jack but as he edges closer, he has him sit on his face. With his tongue up in Jack’s hole Sean jerks his cock into a body-quaking orgasm. He’s still quivering as Jack sucks his cock clean and Sean’s euphoria lingers as they lie back together and Jack kisses & thanks Sean  for “taking care of him”.

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