ChaosMen – Valentin Petrov Solo

ChaosMen – Valentin Petrov Solo


RELEASE DATE:10 October 2022
QUALITY: 1080p
SIZE: 701 MB


We find Valentin Petrov relaxing comfortably on the bed, grinning mischievously from ear to ear. Long-time Chaos members may remember him from circa 2015, when he appeared in a RAW scene with Chaos-favorite, Vander.

Valentin is BACK and delivering his first Solo and candid interview, so you’ll get a chance to learn about this sexy Russian stud with a HUGE dick. Who knows… maybe we’ll have him back for more!

Valentin reveals that he is now an American citizen, and that he’s bisexual, though he seems to indicate that he leans more towards the gay side. He also indicates that he enjoys outdoor sex… or, rather, ‘surprise sex’ – sex that occurs unexpectedly. Who doesn’t love a fun surprise?

Valentin blames the pandemic for keeping him out of the gym. We think he still looks GREAT. Let us know if you agree down in the comments. He stands next to the bed and showcases his physique for you, flexing and revealing that he still has abs. He’d like to get into better shape and plans to do so now that things are calming down.

One thing that certainly hasn’t changed is Valentin’s fat, uncut dick. He unbuttons his shorts and pulls out his cock and balls. His dick is already rock-hard, and he swings it back and forth before turning around to show you his ass while he thumbs his cock backwards at you, stroking it in a downward motion.

He climbs back onto the bed, licks his hand, then begins to play with his hole as he continues to stroke his cock for you. As Valentin leans backward a bit, he showcases a party trick he’s proud of – letting go of his cock, he waggles it back and forth using just his Kegel muscles. He does this several more times throughout the video, and we certainly don’t mind!

Valentin flips on to all-fours to give you a better view of his ass as he continues to stroke his dick. Reaching back, he probes his hole with his other hand, stopping occasionally to spread his cheeks apart as the camera pans in closer.

Ready to nut, Valentin lays against the headboard on his back and works up a thick load that dribbles out of his cock and runs down the length of his shaft. He hungrily collects it with his fingers and licks it off before grinning at the camera.

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