ChaosMen – Ryan St Michael Solo

ChaosMen – Ryan St Michael Solo


RELEASE DATE:29 August 2022
QUALITY: 1080p
SIZE: 839 MB


We meet Ryan St. Michael relaxing on the bed, legs outstretched looking cool and confident in his white briefs. This daddy is new-ish to the biz, having recently started an OnlyFans and now exploring collaborations with studios like Chaos!

In his younger years, Ryan was mostly attracted to older, businessman-type guys. But as he’s matured, his tastes have evolved to include men of all shapes, sizes, and ages.

Growing up in South Carolina, Ryan has an endearing southern twang to his voice that some of you may recognize.

Ryan stands to the side of the bed, playing with his cock through his briefs before climbing back on to the bed. He pulls his waistband down just far enough to start stroking his dick before removing his briefs entirely.

Ryan peers at you through the camera as he works his hard dick with one hand and plays with his balls with the other. He rises to his knees, showcasing his cock for you as he instructs you to give him your ass. He leans forward, encouraging you to spread those cheeks and give him your hole.

Ryan spins around on to all-fours, showing you his ass as he rocks back and forth.

Ryan flips over on to his back and works himself up to climax, shooting his load onto his furry stomach, then reaching down to taste a sample of his cum.

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